Top-notch neighborhoods in Ottawa to raise a family

Picking the right neighborhood for your family is not an easy decision. Ottawa is becoming more and more popular to new residents, but if you’re moving with kids, there are certain factors to consider. There’s safety, nearby facilities, traffic, etc. Some neighborhoods are more family-friendly than others, so this guide is exactly what you need. Here’s the list of top-notch neighborhoods in Ottawa to raise a family – read all about them and make the final decision.

Choosing a neighborhood

Picking a new home is not an easy task, and it requires some time and effort. We advise you take your time with this process, to make sure you’ve made the right decision. The best way to pick a neighborhood is to read our guide about the best options in Ottawa, but also visit each of your favorites. Taking a stroll through a neighborhood, talking to the locals is the best way to feel the vibe of the location and see if you can imagine yourself living there. Also, make sure to take your future plans into account, to ensure a neighborhood or a house in Ottawa will be a good place for your family in the years to come.

The best neighborhoods in Ottawa to raise a family

We’ve made a selection of neighborhoods in Ottawa that are most suitable for families with kids. The factors we’ve considered when making the list is the safety, nearby facilities such as playgrounds, parks, sport centers, but also the lack of busy traffic and dangerous intersections. Here’s your guide to Ottawa’s best places to raise your family.

The Glebe

This place is located in the central part of the city, and it’s one of the urban parts of Ottawa. If you have a bigger budget to spend on your home – this is the place to go. Modern homes, tree-lined streets, interesting shops and proximity to the Rideau Canal make this place very popular for young families. The neighborhood is very close to the important bus stations, a sports arena and includes some amazing restaurants and a movie theatre.

An urban  building in Ottawa.
If you want a family-friendly neighborhood but with an urban feel, check places close to the downtown Ottawa.


If you’re looking for a place a bit away from the city center and with a more suburban feel, we recommend checking Orleans. It’s located 15km away from downtown, and the community is made of mostly French-speaking population. Raising children in a bilingual community can be very interesting and beneficial, since they can learn a new language without any effort. The neighborhood includes a lot of outside amenities, so you don’t need to worry about how to spend free time with your kids.


Another family-friendly neighborhood that’s been a favorite among young parents is Barrhaven. People love it because of its suburban feel, but also for the variety of school and entertainment options. The area is also loved by all those who enjoy outdoor activities, especially hiking and cycling, but if you have younger kids, there are parks and playgrounds to visit.

A bicycle near a canal in one of the neighborhoods in Ottawa to raise a family
If you like outdoor activities, Barrhaven is one of the best neighborhoods in Ottawa to raise a family and enjoy hiking, cycling, and more.

Alta vista

Another great option when it comes to raising your family in Ottawa is certainly Alta Vista. The main features of this neighborhood are older, yet lovely homes that are generally smaller but their residents can enjoy huge backyards. It’s a friendly community where neighbors know and hang out with each other, which is great for your kids to make some new friends after the move.

A canal in Ottawa
Ottawa offers so many beautiful places and great kid-friendly locations, so choosing among the best neighborhoods in Ottawa to raise a family can be a difficult thing to do.

Moving with your family – how to do it stress-free?

Larger the family, the more tasks you have to finish when moving house. Even though it can be overwhelming, you need to try to manage the move as smoothly as possible – especially when kids are part of the move. Here are some tips on how to finish all the moving tasks and save your sanity.

How long does it take to plan a move?

Well, this depends on the size of your household and the distance from the old to the new house. Even when moving locally, you need a lot of time to plan everything carefully. Be sure to start as early as possible, months before the moving day. There are a lot of tasks to do, and the most important one is to make sure your household items are professionally taken care of during transport. Packing and delivering items from one address to another should be handled by a moving pro. This way, you will minimize the stress and have more time to focus on your family.

Sorting out your household

Before you start packing, it’s necessary to sort out your belongings and divide them into a couple of piles. These should include:

  • the items you want to move to your new home;
  • the items you no longer need, but can be used by someone else – these you can easily sell online or donate, or give away to friends or family;
  • recycle – items that are no longer in a good condition. Be sure to get rid of these items responsibly, recycling as much as you can and therefore protecting the environment even when relocating;

Solve problems in advance

The biggest issue when moving is that people are not prepared for what’s coming, and don’t know what to expect. Buying a new home and relocating comes with various challenges that may slow down the moving process and cause you additional stress. Therefore, be sure to find out what are the biggest issues people faces when moving to a new house, and be ahead of these problems. This way, you’ll know what to expect and solve the problems even before they appear.

It’s a new chapter

The final step after choosing one of the top-notch neighborhoods in Ottawa to raise a family and relocating is to enjoy your new environment with your kids. This is a new chapter in life and you should be excited and positive about it, so forget about moving boxes for a moment and go out with your family for a nice stroll around your new neighborhood.

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