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Reasons why living in Coconut Creek is awesome

Welcome to Coconut Creek! This city is located between Miami and Palm Beach. It is famous for butterflies and because of that, Coconut Creek is also known by the name of “Butterfly Capital of the World”. According to all the residents, as well as all the tourists who keep on coming, this city is one of the best cities in the world to live in. Yes, there are some legitimate reasons that support that claim. Coconut has an amazing climate, upscale housing, top-notch schools, growing business community, mesmerizing parks, and plenty to do on those days off. What more can you ask for? Coconut Creek really ticks all the boxes. But, if you are not sold yet, and you need some more persuading, then keep on reading. Here are some more reasons why living in Coconut Creek is more than awesome.

Plenty of Housing Options

In the past, Coconut Creek was not famous among tourists and investors. Because of that, mostly locals live here. Currently, there are around  61,000 residents. But the situation is changing. More and more people started to realize how amazing this place is. Thus, the city is growing and expanding. But, there is nothing to worry about! There are actually many housing options to chose from, either for renting or buying. Without a doubt, you will find your dream home here in no time. And, for a reasonable price, too! When it comes to the Coconut Creek real estate market and housing prices, we are glad to say that they are below the national average. If you decide to buy your own home, expect to pay around $168,000. And, if you wish to rent, the median rent value is approximately  $1,458. Thus, if you like what you hear, pack your bags and find someone like City Movers to help you mover here in short notice.

A Florida home.
Find a local real estate agent, and he/she will help you find your dream home.

Job Possibilities

Of course, before you decide to move anywhere and buy or build your home, you must find a job there first. Luckily, you will not have that problem in Coconut Creek. This city’s economy is bustling and there are plenty of job possibilities to chose from. Currently, most wanted jobs are related to human resources, community relations, information technology, engineering, and sustainable development. Thus, if you have skills in these industries, you will be able to get a job in no time. Do some online researching and contact the companies you are interested in. Then, all you have to is prepare for a job interview. It is also worth mentioning that the median household income in Coconut Creek is around $56,556 and that the cost of living is below the national average.

'We are hiring' sign, which is a very common thing to see when living in Coconut Creek.
Take advantage of Coconut Creek’s bustling economy. Now it the time to find a job there!

Great Education System

For all parents, the thing that matters the most is the education of their little ones. So, fear not! Coconut Creek will offer a great education system and plenty of school options for your children. For instance, there are four elementary schools, one middle school, and three high schools. When it comes to colleges and universities, there is only one in Coconut Creek – Atlantic Technical College. But, as the roads as very developed, students also have the possibility to commute to other colleges nearby. And, if you want your child to go to a private school, you will have that option too. There are four private schools in Coconut Creek, out if which North Broward Preparatory School is the best and the most popular one.

Two boys sitting at their desk in a classroom.
Whichever school you choose, be sure that your child will love it.

Abundance of Fun

Just like any other city in Florida, Coconut Creek comes with an abundance of fun as well. There truly is something for everybody. Whether you are an adrenalin junkie or a couch potato or a parent who wants something education for your children, you will find something for you here. This is why nobody even thinks about moving out of Florida and Coconut Creek. Thus, without further ado, let us mention why Coconut Creek is loved by soo many people.

  1.  Seminole Casino Coconut Creek – It is a place to play slots,  poker and roulette. But, there are also many traditional games to play too. The best part is, there is something for everyone’s pockets. You can also go to stand-up shows, concerts (everything from blues to reggae), and of course, there is no casino without an occasional Elvis impersonator.
  2. Butterfly World – opened in 1986, this Butterfly World is one of the best and the largest of its kind. Here you will be able to meet not only butterflies but insects of all kinds. The Butterfly World is especially popular amongst children, so this is a popular family destination.
  3. Quiet Waters Park – An amazing place to go when you have a day off. The beach is amazing, water is always warm and clear, and there are separated places for those who want to relax and soak up the sun, and those who are into waterskiing and other water sports.
  4. Tradewinds Park Disc Golf Course – A huge golf course located on the grounds of the Tradewinds Park & Stables. This is a place where you would come to enjoy your regular golf, but also try out some new things like disco golf.
  5. Fern Forest Nature Center – Loved by everybody with a green thumb. Since Florida has a favorable climate, many kinds of plants and animals can be found here. It is great for exploring nature, hiking or even picnicking.

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