Philadelphia skyline with the view of the river.

When you live in Montgomery County, you are located close to Philly. This will give you a chance to frequently exploit everything the big city has to offer.

Best places to live in Montgomery County, Pa

Pennsylvania has always been a very popular state. Many are attracted to what it has to offer so it is very expected that many are nesting and moving to the State of Independence. Since this state is fairly large, finding a place to settle down might be somewhat difficult for newcomers. But, many choose to live and settle down in Montgomery County. However, this is still a very broad term for those that are looking for a new home. Here are some of our favorite places in one of the most popular counties in PA.

Best towns to live in Montgomery County, PA

You would love to move to your chosen neighborhood. But, before you decide which neighborhood you prefer to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Crime rates
  • Costs of living
  • Quality of the education system
  • Job opportunities and current employment statistics

If you fail to do so, you might end up in the wrong place and nobody wants that to happen.

a little girl with glasses, holding her notebook.
The quality of school systems is always a factor in determining the value of a region to live in.

Penn Wynne

This is a place is a perfect twist of suburban living and city amenities. You can live a calmer and more peaceful life while still enjoying city amenities. This suburban area houses many bars, coffee shops, and parks. It is the perfect place to buy a house you always wanted. Many choose to retire in this area. Also, parents are very willing to move to this town since the schools are highly ranked. Overall, Penn Wynne is a great prospect for those that would like to live in Montgomery County, PA.


This is another suburb of Philadelphia that we adore. It is considered to be a perfect place for families with kids. Young couples that are parents to those that are about to become, should truly try to purchase their first home in this region. The schools are great, there is plenty of outdoor space and there are plenty of housing chances. Moving to Ardmore would be a great investment for your family.

an elderly couple in bed, relaxing and enjoying life.
All towns in Montgomery County are great options for retirement and for families with kids.

Blue Bell

Here is another town ranked very high among families. One of the reasons it is a magnet for families is because it is deemed to be one of the healthiest places to live in. On top of that, there are many entertainment options, outdoor activities, and job opportunities. Who said that living in the suburbs must be dull?

You need professional help when relocating

There is no need to put yourself and your family through the wringer. The best possible investment that you can make during a relocation is to hire professional movers to help you. Leave the moving to the pros so you can focus your energy and time on your kids and other important things. If you are currently looking for assistance contact Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia.

The final choice must be yours

So, what do you think? Does this sound exactly what you are looking for? There are many characteristics that can be linked to this PA county. However, an opportunity to live in Montgomery County should give you and your family peace of mind. While at the same time providing enough excitement, so you are nowhere close to being bored to death by suburban living. The best way to determine which town would be the best choice for you is to hire a real estate agent and to start browsing. We are sure you will find exactly what you need.

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