Most Nigerian Real Estate guys are doing something terribly wrong!

There is no day I don’t watch videos of luxury apartments on Youtube or go to real estate sites to view pictures of luxury apartments and their cost.

I do this for fun and motivation. Don’t look at me that way, a guy can dream.

Places I always look at is Osapa, Banana Island, Eko Atlantic, Dubai and Hollywood and I have observed a trend – the real estate guys in Nigeria don’t have quality media.

They don’t invest in their pictures or video. None of them is professionally done, the pictures are taken with phones, low quality camera phones and the videos? Oh don’t get me started on that one.

It’s always annoying to see a beautiful house in Osapa or Banana Island and when you click on it to see more pictures, the quality is usually low and some times, poorly lit.

How do you list a house of 100 million naira or as high as 500 million to a Billion and the picture is just shitty?

Even Tayo Aina that isn’t a real estate guy takes better quality videos of luxury apartments.

The commissions they get on just one of these houses could set up a professional media equipment for them. I wonder why they don’t do it. Is it that they don’t know what to do or they blow the money on something else?

I follow Farooq Syed on YouTube. He’s a real estate guy in Dubai and his videos are professionally shot. He is always dressed in a fancy custom-fitted suit, drives fancy cars (even if it could have been rented), wears a professional mic and comes with a cameraman to all his houses.

Take it down to Nigeria, beautiful buildings and you just want to cry at the quality. The one that annoys me most are the ones that take a picture at a 90 degrees angle and you have to turn your phone around to see the picture very well. What is wrong with you?

If you’re a real estate guy/gal, and you’re reading this, I think it’s time to really stand out. If I have 200 million to buy a house right now, I will buy it from someone like Farooq that looks the part and also has professional pictures and videos of the apartment.

Thing is, you don’t even need a professional camera or a cameraman to follow you. Just buy the latest iPhone, London used if you can’t afford a new one, get an intern or your little cousin to follow you around and video you or take pictures, then go to YouTube and watch a tutorial video on how to edit videos or pictures in 5 minutes.

There are tons of videos like that on YouTube that will teach you how to enhance your media like a professional. It may not look like a million bucks, but it’s a start. It’s better than what the rest are doing until you can fully afford a professional cameraman to follow you around.

I don’t even want to talk about the fact that most of them don’t have their personal websites. Let me not go there now, today isn’t about telling you I can build a beautiful website for you, today is about telling you to work on your media.

This move alone could make you increase the cost of your listings and people will still buy from you. It will also increase your clicks and traffic.

It’s just common sense. You’re listing a house for 500m and you’re taking a picture that even a slay queen in Ikorodu will take far better quality pictures of her banging body than your beautiful luxury apartment!

Attached is the picture of an apartment listed for 100 million in Osapa, Lagos.

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