An outlook of NYC buildings. Unfortunately, house pests in NYC are pretty common

Most common house pests in NYC and how to get rid of them

Living in New York is a dream for many. Be it for job opportunities or simply experiencing the culture, it’s a great place. However, once you fulfill this dream and get used to your NYC life, you realize that it can sometimes have downsides as well. Some of these are the usual issues you’d experience anywhere. Nonetheless, aside from these, you might run into some problems that are typical for The Big Apple. Luckily, there are tricks to get them sorted out. Here are the most common house pests in NYC and how to get rid of them.

Most common house pests in NYC

Although you could technically run into any sort of nuisance of this kind, there are some that are quite typical for NYC. Unfortunately, New York has been dealing with house pests for a while now. However, if you’ve recently purchased an NYC home, don’t dwell on it. There are solutions.

Ants and termites

Ants and termites are pests that are quite typical in NYC. Although they don’t seem hugely problematic in the earlier stages, they can get pretty tough to get rid of if you don’t react on time.

Since your normal living conditions are all that’s necessary for ants to survive, they can get pretty comfortable in your home really fast. They’re not just after crumbs, that’s a myth. Ants have a tendency to go towards foods that have rich sources of sugar in them. Although tiresome, ants usually won’t disrupt your lifestyle. Termites, on the other hand, could. There are some ways of realizing the presence of these NYC house pests. However, you can never be too sure.

An ant sitting on a leaf. They're pretty common house pests in NYC.
Although not that harmful, ants can be a pretty annoying NYC house pest.


When talking about house pests in NYC, these are probably the first thing that comes to mind. Unfortunately, they are pretty common and hard to get rid of. They’re drawn to places where food has been left out. It’s not just the fact that they’re gross and scary looking, either. Cockroaches spread diseases and dysentery. What’s more, they’re incredibly hardy and persistent. 

Bed bugs

The worst thing about bed bugs, aside from the fact that these NYC household pests exist in the first place, is that they multiply very easily. Seriously, it’s like you can see it with the naked eye. What’s even worse is that you carry them into your own home without realizing it.

Unlike cockroaches, they don’t carry or spread any diseases. Nonetheless, their terror lies in the fact that they exist in the comfort of your bed. They literally feed on you while you’re sleeping. Once bed bugs realize that their food (you) isn’t there, they multiply quickly in order to reach something they can nibble on.


Silverfish are persistent. They slither around your home and use cardboard boxes and clothing as food. Unlike ants or cockroaches, human food isn’t at all necessary for them to be drawn to your home. You don’t even need to carry them in yourself. Some areas are simply more suitable to act as their habitat than others. There’s not much you can do about that. Although annoying, they don’t really oppose a big threat to you.


Although plants are a lovely addition to our homes, beetles have a fondness for them as well. Aside from plants, they are drawn to dried foods in your pantry. They will probably settle down in corners and places that aren’t busy.

Rats and mice

Aside from bugs, rats and mice are also well-known house pests in NYC. Some consider them to be much worse than roaches or any other insects. To many, they’re much more frightening. Cleaning out your pantry is their main occupation.

However, they can survive on leftovers for a really long time. They can be really tough to get rid of. Another thing that goes in their favor is that, aside from being scary, you’re most likely to hesitate to kill them once one’s caught your eye. They resemble pets more than they do pests.

A mouse.
Mice are pretty common NYC house pests. Getting rid of them is more demanding than it sounds.

Different techniques

Although there aren’t strategies for a permanent solution to the house pest problem in NYC, the individual approach has proven successful enough.

Pest proofing is something that many Newyorkers have in their blood. However, you might be new to this kind of problem. Worry not, dealing with it is not as bad as it might sound at first. You can either opt for taking care of it on your own or hire professional exterminators to do it for you.

Natural remedies?

However silly it may sound, cleaning your home thoroughly will sometimes do the trick. No matter how clean you find your home to be, you can usually find a spot or two that can be a high risk for drawing in house pests in NYC.

Apart from simply cleaning your home, you could also try to use many of the store-bought tools and pest poisons that are available. However, be careful and, at the very least, consult an exterminator for some advice.

A person cleaning their wooden floor with a mop in order to get rid of their NYC house pest problem.
Sometimes something as simple as cleaning can help you get rid of your house pests in NYC.

You may need to vacate for a while

If you opt for hiring professionals to take care of your problem with house pests in NYC, that’s great. Keep in mind that you’ll probably have to vacate your home for a while. This is because exterminators use chemicals that are really harmful to you. Find a place to stay in for a couple of days or weeks until the dust settles. Make sure to take precautions so as to not carry your house pests over with you.

If you’re sure that some of your items are unaffected by the NYC house pest problem you’re experiencing and want to get them to a safe place while the professionals are there, that’s reasonable. Hiring reliable movers such as U. Santini Moving and Storage to help you store valuable items during this time is a smart move.

Admit defeat

Sometimes house pests in NYC are too much to handle. If you live in a rented apartment and can afford to move out, you might want to consider that option as well. Once your infestation problem has reoccurred a few times, chances are that you simply live in a neighborhood that’s prone to them. There’s nothing you can do about that.

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