The Importance of Having Plants in Our Home

More often than not, new homeowners neglect to see the beneficial factors of having plants in their homes. Plants can help us to be more accountable for the environment around us, while still replenishing us with purified air to breathe in our new homes. Aside from making us more eco-friendly and more conscientious towards the environment, plants also help to boost our mood and rejuvenate the air around us. Many people will spend a fortune on furniture on home decorations to make their rooms look more luxurious. Instead, people need to understand that adding some greenery to our homes doesn’t have to be so costly and taxing. In exchange, they can choose to explore the benefits in the long run if they select manageable plants. Follow along below and see the true importance of having plants in our homes.

Healthy Ingredients at Our Fingertips

Having plants, or even a small herb garden in our home can help us cut back on the desire to have fast food or crave other unhealthy food options. There is a sense of convenience that comes with fast food, but those foods frequently leave us feeling hungry from eating ‘empty calories’. Having a garden at home can help cut down on the excuse of not having healthier options available to us. It is also encouraged for all foodies to explore healthier foods and take advantage of more wholesome vegetables at home. There mini home gardens can help to furnish any kitchen or sunroom.

Mood Boosters

We all come home wanting to unwind and relax. However, many of us can’t seem to unplug and naturally recharge. According to the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, interacting with calming colors and indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress compared with mental work. Plants help play a role in normalizing our diastolic blood pressure, leaving people cool, calm, and collected.

Many homeowners commonly decorate their homes with essential oil diffusers to help boost their moods as soon as they enter a room. Nonetheless, many of these scents can be overpowering and people don’t realize a simple plant will do the trick. There are aromatic house plants to include in your garden, that will naturally boost your mood, while still be aesthetically pleasing to look at:

  • Eucalyptus – can release an aroma when you rub it
  • Sweet bay – a savory, herbal scent – great for entryways
  • Orange Jessamine – it smells as pretty as it looks when it blooms
  • Cuban Oregano – you can easily use them in your dishes or as a nice desk plant

Greener with Plants

Living near and around plants helps homeowners become more eco-conscious. Keeping indoor plants alive can be intimidating for some people. Homeowners will choose to go the lazy route and only bring fake plants into their homes. Homeowners who choose to take the ‘fake plant’ route, have less of a selection to choose from. Not to mention, they are often very costly and end up fading in color over time from being in direct sunlight. It is very common to have fake plants cascading from vaulted ceilings or lofts, or windowsills. The only thing that fake plants really do is collect dust and appear to make a room look more lively. Since fake plants are dust magnets, they have to be cleaned frequently and are more of a hassle than actual living plants.

Pro Tip for Beginners: Hoya Carnosa Variegata 

These plants are natural air purifiers and blossom pretty white and pink flowers in the summer and springtime. Best yet – these plants are low maintenance when it comes to landscaping. They don’t require a lot of pampering and overwatering them could accidentally turn some of their leaves brown. Going green doesn’t have to be a difficult task!

Plants over Pollution

We all grew up understanding that plants help purify the air we breathe. Just as we learned in grade school, plants help remove the toxins from the ground and air to improve our health. So why do so many of us still refuse to bring living plants into our homes?

Plants take in the toxins from the air, break them down within their tissue, and release purified oxygen. Homeowners need to see the importance of plants and see how they can rejuvenate, not only the air outside their homes but also the air within their living spaces as well.

Just by adding living plants can help to detoxify the air in our homes. For the living room, a popular choice is the areca palm or Chinese evergreen. Some other plants for the bedrooms can be the stylish snake plant or gerbera daisies. With these plants sponging up pollutants, it would be hard for homeowners to find more cost-effective options than living plants.

Improving our Overall Health

There are a handful of pollutants that are trapped in our homes that we come in contact with on a daily basis. Some of the main pollutants in our homes, but not limited to, are biological pollutants, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and pesticides. Not only do we need to take care of the earth’s pollution, but also the alarming number of pollutants in our own homes. Many of these pollutants are trapped in our homes because of having inadequate ventilation in our homes.

Many of these pollutants can trigger asthma attacks, increase the number of headaches, and making people feel more fatigued. To avoid being overexposed to these pollutants, homeowners should increase the number of plants within their home and main living spaces. For example, the EPA has created a stronger initiative to improve indoor air quality. They offer a great resource on their site that helps individuals who struggle with asthma, second-hand smoke, mold, and other pollutants.

Go green- and explore your house plant options!

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