A living room furnished according to the rules of timeless interior design trends.

Timeless interior design trends

Styles and trends change over time. Every new epoche brings about some special fashionable items, designs, and absolute must-haves. People yearn for them, buy them without even judging their real value. But as time goes by, the popularity of these styles and designs goes by too. Something that is a chick and widely popular today, may easily become old fashioned in less than a month. New tastes and styles will meet the inevitable destiny of oblivion.

Nowadays, following the pace of modern life, these kinds of changes happen even more often and quicker than before. However, in the whole chaos of innovations and glam, there are some styles and designs that resist the cruel transience of modern age. They remain popular and permanently wanted. So, if you wish for your home to resist all the upcoming changes, take a look at our list of timeless interior design trends and catch some useful tips.

The always present symmetry

No matter how extravagant your style is, a sense of balance is always needed. Thus while arranging your living room, for example, symmetry stays the always popular design method. The main point of this idea is to create a kind of mirror image impression. Furnish and decorate the two opposite sides of your room so that they appear to be alike. Place two similar armchairs on both sides of the small table or set alike lamps in the parallel room corners. In that way, the impression of balance is achieved and the whole space evokes a state of calmness and peace. So if you are planning to redesign your old house, or to build up a new one, this living room design pattern should be your guide.

A modern living room.
The sense of symmetry brings in the notion of calmness and stability in the room.

Traditional long-lasting materials

If you want your interior to be timeless, make it durable in the first place. Traditional materials, such as hardwood and marble are not only stylish but also strong and long-lasting. And no matter in which way the future trends would go, these materials always make the impression of elegance and good taste and thus will stay timeless interior design trends forever.  A good living room hardwood floor, for example, fits into almost every modern living room design pattern. On the other hand, the luxurious image created by marble interior pieces stays endlessly welcomed feature in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Stick to the simplicity

The inevitable fast-changing lifestyles naturally bring trends and fashion changes on a monthly basis. And, it is always good to stay tuned and not to feel out of date, no matter whether you are moving to London, or you are just changing the house in your hometown, or in case you want to settle down in Gulfport. But how to keep the pace with so many changes at once? The answer is, easy. Keep it simple. If your interior design is simple and plain, it will be much easier for you to transform it into whatever style you want to follow. Therefore we can be sure that simplicity is one of the most useful timeless interior design trends. Here is the list of some useful tips you can use to keep your interior plain and simple:

  • minimalism – since the less is usually more
  • functional homes – make your life easier
  • neutral colors – an easy fit in

Minimalism- less and simpler

Overcrowded and over-furnished houses are never desirable. Rooms with too much decoration and the all-present clutter may make you feel uneasy and usually are not comfortable places to stay in. Therefore minimalist style is the solution. In such places, a person gets a feeling of comfort and space. And not only is it easier to redecorate and refurnish a room in the minimalist style, but it is also much easier for you to transport it if you decide to move from one place to another.  And if you employ a good moving agency, like Spyder Moving Services Oxford MS, the whole process would be less stressful.

A dining room.
Less furniture leaves you with more space for your everyday activities.

Functional and comfortable home

Every person wants his or her home to stay functional and easy to live in. And the whole idea of a simply furnished home is established in the sense of usability and functionality of its premisses. This idea is especially important when you have to deal with small and not very spacious places. To make it a comfortable place to live in, you should learn how to save space and be practical. Consider, for example, the idea of built-in shelves and closets, or small comfortable sofas.

Neutral and calming colors

In the whole spectrum of colors, you can always pick the one you like the most. But is it really the best thing you can do? No matter how trendy and modern the color may seem to you at first glance, it can quickly become out of date. Therefore choosing colors such as white or gray will keep you on safe ground. Not only can it fit in any possible furnishing design, but it can also be easily changed if you decide it is not suitable for your home anymore. So if you are looking for timeless interior design trends, this is a perfect solution. Furthermore, these colors are considered to be relaxing and calming. 

A modern white sofa and brown carpet.
Your room should be a soothing place where you can enjoy and relax.

Somewhere between the present and the past

Some styles and trends have always managed to stay wanted and favored. They resist the transience of time and stay immune to modern changes. Therefore it is always desirable to have, for example, a piece of furniture that looks antique and classy. This kind of style is a perfect solution for designing your living rooms or lofts. Antique items give a final touch to your design and it is always easy to restyle them so that they can incorporate into any interior.

There is nothing bad in willingness to be well prepared for accepting new and modern ideas and styles. However, if you are open-minded, but you still want to stay in touch with the timeless interior design trends, try to follow our guides and use these small tricks. Good luck!

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