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Three Signs You Need Filing Cabinet Replacement Rails

Repairing one’s equipment is something of a lost art in the 21st century. It’s not any harder than it used to be (some more technological products aside), but the tendency is to simply replace a damaged or flawed product rather than bringing it back up to par. In some cases, we have a habit of simply living with a problem rather than fixing it simply because it isn’t bad enough to warrant a full replacement. The following are three signs you might need filing cabinet replacement rails in your office to spare yourself some frustration and money down the road. You’d be surprised by just how easy it is to save yourself time, money, and stress by taking a few moments to look a little deeper into your office filing cabinets!

The first sign is the most severe, but the most difficult to identify. If you haven’t seen it yourself in an office environment, you aren’t likely to know what you’re looking for: files that simply don’t sit properly. Bent filing cabinet rails (usually caused by previous users hanging too many file folders on a pair of rails) almost always mean you need a new filing cabinet or, more affordably, filing cabinet replacement rails to repair the cabinet you have. Bent rails can not only result in messy, disorganized file cabinet drawers, but they can also end up being a major irritation between uses. Being unable to easily slide your files to parse them can become an unnecessary source of undue stress, especially when you find yourself re-visiting the filing cabinet frequently.

Filing cabinets exist for a reason: to ensure you can find the documents you need when you need them. If you’re dealing with ill-fit, bent rails, you’ll find yourself dreading the experience of locating a particularly difficult-to-find file, which only makes the process worse. Making an office efficient and productive requires you to break down every minor stressor that you can. Fixing your filing cabinets is one of the easiest stressors to remove, so don’t push it off any longer than you have to.

Many filing cabinets stay around for years in the same office, and over time, you might find that rails have been lost, misplaced, or simply removed but never replaced. If you find yourself with a cabinet that is missing rails, getting replacement rails can turn an old cabinet you were thinking about getting rid of into a like-new, useful tool for the office. Why waste? Most filing cabinets will last for a very long time, even if the rails sometimes get bent or lost. Replacing rails is much more cost effective than purchasing a brand new cabinet (it’s better for the environment, too).

It’s easy enough to get filing cabinet replacement rails online, thankfully, whereas they were previously available only by mail order from specialist distributors. If your office is considering a replacement of your filing cabinets, look into whether or not it might be sufficient to replace the rails or another component first. You might save a lot of time and expense by not throwing out the rest of your cabinets, which might be perfectly serviceable. When in doubt, contact an expert, such as one of the representatives at Office Replacement Parts. They have all kinds of office furniture replacement parts to make life a little easier. So, visit them online at or give them a call at 347-561-7587 to see how their team of professionals can help you get exactly what you need for your office.

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