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Real estate trends in Jeddah

Are you planning on moving to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, anytime soon? That is great news. Jeddah really does have a lot to offer to its ex-pats! However, adjusting to a culture shock, language, and following all the rules, laws and regulations can be backbreaking, without a doubt. Thus, make sure to prepare for it well! Moreover, before you decide to move there, do your best to find a new home. This is not going to be easy, like the customs, there are probably completely different from the ones you are used to. But, do not worry, we will help you. Thus, if you want to find your perfect home, here is what you need to know about real estate trends in Jeddah.

Why Should You Move to Jeddah?

As previously mentioned, living in Jeddah can be a great experience. Yes, the culture and pretty much everything else there is quite different than what we in the US. However, there is nothing to worry about. You can simplify your Jeddah relocation if you decide to move to one of the many residential areas for foreigners. There, you will encounter westernized Saudi Arabia which is more than luxurious, according to the ex-pats which living there. Those residential areas have everything you might think of when it comes to amenities, and are full of homes equipped with timeless interior design trends. Most of them also have a highly developed healthcare system and private schools for children of all ages. Moreover, your social calendar will always be full – parties, dining, sun, and sports will always be available. 

A view of Jeddah.
If there is a chance for you to move to Jeddah, take it! You will certainly not regret it.

Real Estate Trends in Jeddah

And, of course, when moving to Jeddah, you must find a home. But, before you do that, be sure to check all the real estate trends there. You can do that alone, by constantly checking the oscillations in the real estate market, or by hiring a real estate expert. What you need to know now is that prices of properties in those residential areas have risen by 9%, and they will continue to rise during this year too! So, if you plan on buying a property there, do it now. However, it is also worth mentioning that getting permission for buying a property in Jeddah can be difficult. Thus, consider renting a home there, at first. You will need between $1300 and $2000 for monthly rent, depending on the location and the square footage.

Jeddah at night.
If you have never lived in Jeddah before, better hire a local real estate agent to help you out.

Cost of Living in Jeddah

The cost of living is another very important factor when it comes to considering moving to a new city, country, or even a continent. So, what are the prices like in Jeddah? Well, they are approximately the same as living in some of the US’s bigger cities. It can be said that the prices are above the national average and that most things come with a hefty price tag. However, do not worry just yet. Your salary will be bigger too, and you will be able to balance everything out. Thus, do not think much about the costs. Find a home you like and be sure to hire professional assistance after you do.

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