New Cold Room Vs Used Cold Room

New Cold Room Vs Used Cold Room

For the benefit of those not very familiar with this equipment, as it is usually rarely discussed, a cold room refers to the biggest refrigeration unit in a professional standard kitchen. Sometimes referred to as a walk-in, this equipment is capable of holding rack worth of food and ingredients, and securely stores in its very low-temperature frozen or chilled room. They are designed in a similar manner to your traditional commercial refrigeration units, but in a bigger version and generally are immobile. Another factor that distinguishes it from your traditional model is the fact that its installation requires a specialized procedure and operation. In today’s society, this equipment can be a valuable addition to any food production setup or kitchen.

Why you need a Cold Room

As much as there might not be so much to get excited about a cold room, it still holds its advantages over the traditional fridges or freezer. To start with, it allows for a more organized racking of food. This is largely because it has enough storage and space, which translates into an added protection of your stock. A cold room allows for temperature adjustment and as such can be employed unto several functions and types of products. With the large capacity of a cold room comes its potential value and as such, you can expect that it features built-in capabilities to ensure reliable and secure refrigeration.

New Vs. Used Cold Room

When it comes to decision making such as whether going for a new or used cold room in Lagos, it all boils down to considering certain factors such as:

Cost: Everyone knows that anything or equipment in its new state/condition is definitely going to cost more than a refurbished or used the same kind of equipment. This also goes for a new cold room in Lagos. You should expect its price to be as much as double compared to its used version. The reason for this is not far-fetch: the functionality of the unit is still top notched with a standard warranty. This of course plays into the next factor to consider – talking about how reliable it will be.

Reliability: What will it profit someone to get an affordable cold room and not be able to enjoy it? This is likely the case for a used cold room. It is only natural for the functionality of the unit to have depreciated as a result of use. This means that even if the equipment gets to operate efficiently at the initial, there is every tendency that it will breakdown or malfunction sooner than a new model. Unlike the new model where its durability has been proven to an extent, a used model is uncertain.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it is up to you to make a choice on what you will consider the most cost-effective option; one that is viable for your needs and also within reach. You want to verify the operational status of the facility and evaluate its performance – especially with the used version. There are a number of reliable cold room manufacturers in Lagos that can provide what it is you want with a cold room, one such is our company Atlas ItaliaNigeria LTD.

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