A window on one of the sustainable homes in the US.

Sustainable houses in the US: where to look for a perfect eco-friendly home

Year after year, people have been trying hard to go green when building a house. This is certainly one of the consequences of the obvious fact that we are running out of resources. Suddenly, sustainable houses in the US and in a great part of the world have become very popular. Thus, we have decided to introduce you to the topic and help you find out what these houses are like and what makes them so different from our traditional homes.

Where can you find sustainable houses in teh US?

There are eco-friendly houses all over the US, but there are few states that are getting very serious in that field. Number one is Massachusetts followed by New York, South Dakota, California, Minnesota, and Rhode Island. Luckily for the environment, the list is getting bigger each month. Also, if you aim at moving to one of these houses somewhere in the States, moving experts among Verified Movers will help you reach your goal and relocate your household items safely.

What does eco-friendly house need?

You will be needing higher than usual levels of thermal insulation. If you are wondering what to do about water, you will be needing a well. Also, it is essential to find proper solutions for waste. Septic tanks or composting is the way to go here.

Solar panels are also a must. They really are the key is sustainable houses. Building an eco-friendly home is not an easy task, but it is very satisfying. Knowing that you have zero carbon footprint is amazing.

Solar panels on one of the sustainable houses in the US
Solar panels are a must when building sustainable houses.

Can I find sustainable houses in the US online?

Of course. You can even check each one of them with the help of the US Green Building Council. Nowadays there are a lot of companies building only green homes. So it is easy to check them out online. However, before you invest money in a new place, make sure to visit the property in person.  Also, a great way to make sure that your home is eco-friendly is to build it yourself or to personally monitor its construction. That way your place will be just perfect.

What will I need in my new sustainable home?

Actually, now is the perfect time to think about what you do not need in your eco-house. Like everybody else, you probably have too much stuff in your home. Now is the perfect time to declutter. Get rid of the stuff you won’t be needing anymore. If there are items you do not want to get rid of, or you know you will need them one day, but don’t want them in your new home there is a solution for that one. It’s called renting storage. This is the perfect way to keep all the stuff you don’t really need in your new place. Knowing that your items are safe will make your mind at ease.

The interior of a storage warehouse.
Renting a storage unit is an excellent solution if you want to declutter your sustainable home.

Are there any sustainable cities in US?

Sustainable cities are still just idea experts have been working on very hard. Yet, we can say there are some breathtaking green cities and Portland, Oregon, is an excellent example. New Orleans and San Francisco should be added to this list too. They are ranked by environmental impact per person, recycling programs, renewable energy generation, and percentage of people using public transportation. We hope sustainable houses in the US will become the only choice of homeowners in the future.