See Your Dream Property in Lagos and Live In It Now

Everyone in Lagos wants a place they can call home and we have what you need.

If you’ve ever wanted to own a home in Lagos where you don’t have to worry about being evicted due to your inability to pay the rent, if you want a property that makes achieving your dreams of owning a home seamless, then hold on to your rockers because you’re about to discover these amazing properties that will not only give you a place to call home and rest your head, it will also give you peace of mind.

Let me paint two incredible real-life scenarios for you:


Imagine that you have the opportunity to own a home while paying rent.

Hang on let me explain,

With the Rent-to-Own Scheme, you make an initial deposit of only 40% and pay the balance over 5 years, then you can move in after you’ve reached 70% payment of the cost of the house within 30 months.

Plus, it could be less depending on your earning power.

The houses range from 3 bedroom bungalows to 5 bedroom duplexes, an ideal place to raise a family.


You know how some areas in Lagos flood? Well, imagine living in an area that is completely free of flooding. No sand filling, no piling, or raft foundation.

This area is ideal for real estate investors looking for high capital returns.

Located within the fringes of Ikota-Command-Alagbado road, grab the opportunity to invest in a great place for as low as N10,000/sqm.

Here’s the thing…

Living in a highly secured area in Nigeria with full amenities is what most people can only dream of… especially in these times of compromised security.

You can’t afford to put your family and loved ones in harm’s way.

4 Amazing Properties

1. Own a luxuriously furnished 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex with a Room Bq in court Ikota Villa Estate, Lekki.

With an initial deposit of only 40%, this home with ensuite bedrooms, an inverter to never worry about power issues, a fully fitted kitchen, and other amazing features, you’ll feel like a king.

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2. In Treasure Hilltop Estate, Alagbado, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to own a piece of land for as low as N10,000/sqm.

In this estate in Lagos, there is no fear of flood, raft foundation, or piling. Get your own land and build your dream house in peace in Alagbado Lagos today.

And like I’ve been mentioned earlier, it’s an incredible investment if you’re looking for high returns on your capital.

Hey, a little tip: This property is guaranteed to appreciate around 25% and 30% annually.

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3. In Camberwall Court, get 3 Bedroom detached bungalows, 3 bedroom terraces, and 4 bedroom semi-detached houses to provide your family with the comfort they deserve.

With complete amenities like security, power, and water, you never have to worry about your basic needs. Also, there’s a playground for your kids to have fun and wonderful schools and ShopRite to buy what you want.

Here, there’s nothing you’ll need.

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4. Rent a house to own it in Hill City Mowe & Kingston Estate Ibafo.

With this mouth-watering scheme, you won’t have to give money to some landlord forever. Rent for some time and own the house.

All you have to do is pay a 40% initial deposit and pay the balance within 5 years.

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 If you are a discerning home buyer and you’re looking for a house or property in Lagos you can call your own, without the stress of dealing with natural disasters and regulations, get one of these properties.

Give you and your family the life they deserve.

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