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5 Features of a sustainable home

We should all do our best to aspire to an eco-friendly home. It’s good to know how to make your home sustainable, whether you’re planning a huge building project, or you want to update your current residence. For this reason, check out these 5 features of a sustainable home. The benefits are both in the short and long term, so consider investing in these features, since it’s going to be a smart investment.

Solar panels
Solar panels are a good choice.

Home insulation

The top-quality cooling or heating system is all for nothing if the home insulation is bad. It will take a lot of energy to keep a certain temperature during the winter or summer. As a result, you’ll be literally throwing away your money. And this is the money you could’ve used on insulation and building materials. And remember, building materials matter as well, it even depends on the roof types you choose.

Building materials

Building materials that are recycled and sustainable is the most obvious of these features of a sustainable home. You can use recycled beams for sub-floor structures, and brick pavers for bathroom flooring. Oakwood can be recycled and used as an impressive statement piece in living areas. Some of the other options are low-VOC paints and sustainably sourced wood products.

Energy-efficient design

If you want to do this the right way, you’ll try to save your energy whenever possible. You don’t want to energy to go to waste without any reason for it. Even when moving, you don’t want to improvise and make a mistake. You want to learn as much as you can from a Master Moving Guide and save your energy for the important stuff.

The same goes for the design of your home. A random design might look appealing, but there’s a good chance you’ll be wasting gas and electricity for no reason. Instead, choose energy-efficient elements in your home design and use known tactics. Solar panels are also a good choice. By decreasing your utility bills, you’ll reap rewards in the long term.

A glass building with plants.
It doesn’t have to look like this.


A garden with organic goods is not only aesthetically pleasing. For starters, garden features can add to your property. Also, plants can provide privacy from neighbors and even neutralize the pollution from the passing vehicles. On top of all, there’s nothing better than delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables.

Smart lighting

They say that about 10% of the energy consumed in an average home is used for lighting. And this is similar to the amount of energy that is used for refrigeration. Luckily, there are ways that you can decrease your energy consumption. 

Try to choose more efficient lighting technology. Pay more attention to the wattage than to the voltage of lightbulbs. Also, a combo of CFL and LED light is a wise eco-friendly choice. 

Investing in the features of a sustainable home is only a start There’s a number of features of a sustainable home that all make for a significant effort. However, while these factors are important, you can go a small step further. Environmental awareness is a way of life, the one that’s beneficial for us and other generations to come

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