A waterfront home in Mississippi.

Short guide to Mississippi residential architecture

Are you planning on moving to Mississippi anytime soon? If you are, well, you already know what the first step is – finding your new dream home. But what are homes like in Mississippi? What does the residential architecture look like there? And, what are the real estate market predictions for this year? These are the questions you should definitely know the answer to if you plan on moving to Mississippi. But, do not worry. We are also here to help you out. Thus, if interested, here is our short guide. Keep on reading.

What is a Residential Architecture

First things first, before we start talking about the residential architecture in Mississippi, let us first explain what residential architecture actually is. To put it simply, residential architecture is an architecture field that focuses on the design and styles of homes. Those can be any types of homes – anything from single-family homes to studio apartments. But, one thing always stays the same – all those homes must be safe, functional, and of course, beautiful. It is also important to note that residential architecture focuses on the exterior of homes, while the interior home decoration depends on the individual. So, what kind of residential architecture do we have in Mississippi? Find out in the next section.

A home in Mississippi.
Mississippi is a state rich in different architectural designs and styles.

Residential Architecture in Mississippi

So, before you start to pack your bags and transport household items to your new home, let us first tell you what kind of homes you can expect to find there. These are some of the most common residential architecture designs you can find in Mississippi: 

  • Suburban Sprawl Style – The most recent style. It focuses mainly on constructing big, modern homes (as well as malls and shopping centers) with large parking spots.
  • International Style – The emphasis is on the structure itself, on the construction and materials used. Historical and decorative elements are excluded from the design.
  • Ranch House Style – Typical one-story farmhouse.
  • Art Moderne Style – A home design that is sleek and plain, with little or no decoration.
  • Art Deco Style – Has a decorative form strongly inspired by Egyptian and Babylonian architectural elements.
  • Craftsmen Style – Bungalows, modest in size, usually with a full-width front porch.
A house in Mississippi.
One thing is for sure – Mississippi has home designs for everybody’s taste and pocket.

The Real Estate Market

And, of course, if you plan on moving to Mississippi, besides the types of residential architecture, you are probably also interested in the real estate market. So, here is what you need to know if you plan on buying, investing, or even renting out in Mississippi. The median home value in Mississippi is currently around $127,539, or $96 per square foot. However, if you plan on buying, we advise you to act quickly as the home prices are on the rise. The prices have gone up by 4% over the past year. When it comes to renting, you will be glad to hear that Mississippi has many types of rental property. And, for a one-bedroom apartment in Mississippi, you will have to spare around $1000. Of course, the prices vary depending on the location the most.

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