Major Role of Virtual Reality in Enhancing the Value of Real Estate

Virtual Reality (VR) for Real Estate

VR is catching up to the new age busy world. It is getting popular amongst all streams of businesses. But the virtual reality for real estate transformed the sector.

As a real estate agent, you will agree that the rules of the games changed overtime. VR made the transactions faster and more comfortable. We can say that virtual reality is more prominent than reality nowadays. The market is more online rather than on the ground. So, VR is the most potent weapon in the arsenal of realtors.

Virtual tours and virtual staging real estate are the top profit-making machines for the real estate business. Let’s understand them and the other blessings of VR to the sector.

  • Virtual Tours

Earlier, you needed to show a buyer several properties to shortlist one dream home or office. But, people are busier these days. It is not always possible for them to visit many properties. The virtual tours provide them with an edge. Now they just need a VR headset, and they can check out the property from anywhere! It saves everyone’s time. They can decide to visit those places only, which they shortlist during virtual tours.

  • Virtual staging real estate

Virtual staging provides an overall experience. The empty room’s picture is taken, and then virtually it is designed. You can put furniture, curtains, wallpaper, and artifacts to make the room come alive. This way, the potential customers will know precisely how the property will look after the interiors. Buyers can excess several virtually staged pictures online.

  • Three Dimensional Visuals

In case the property is in the building stage, realtors can show its 3D visuals. It gives an advanced idea about how the construction is going to flourish. The form of the property and its surrounding areas can be seen through a VR device. In this way, virtual reality for real estate provides the first movers benefit to the customers. And, it will boost the value of the property as well.

  • Virtual Commerce

Virtual commerce gives another dimension to virtual staging real estate. While going through the property via a VR device, buyers can order the interior design stuff they like. You can put the images of the inventory which you have in your stock. If they want furniture, curtains, or any artifact, they can order them online. Moreover, you can provide them with other options through VR only. They can replace the stuff in your virtual staging with what they like and make a purchase then and there.

  • Architecture Visualization

It is very similar to the 3D visuals. But it also contains the engineering details of the property. Architecture visualization presents the technicalities of the property via computer-generated reality (CG). The buyer can get an insight into the design, space utilization, and architecture of the property.

It can benefit more significant projects like showrooms or malls. The engineers and architects can analyse the technical details of the building via virtual reality.

Indirect Marketing

It is not always necessary to shoot from the rooftop that you have an excellent property for its marketing. You can upload a video of virtual staging real estate. People love to see these kinds of videos. If your video is good, it will attract a good number of viewers online. Automatically they will go through your product. It will boost word of mouth for your property.

To Sum It Up!

It saves time, money, and energy! Weekday or weekend, you can check the property from anywhere. Even remotely.

If you are yet to join the bandwagon of tech-savvy realtors equipped with the power of virtual reality, we recommend you not to delay anymore.

Author Bio:

Rahul Agrawal is the Co-founder & Chief Business Officer at Styldod, where he has taught a computer to do interior design! Styldod provides the most hassle-free & inexpensive virtual staging solutions for real estate agents so they can sell their listings faster, and for higher prices. Rahul was also a co-founder of Mebelkart (which is acquired by Ask Me). He’s your everyday IIT Kanpur nerd who pushes the boundaries with his innovative entrepreneurial stints and is also a sound startup investor & advisor. Rahul attributes his success as a professional to the discipline he has learned from his district hockey days, being a swimmer and a gym enthusiast.

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