Sunset over Issaquah.

Explore Issaquah, WA

A hidden gem in the northeast corner of the contiguous United States, Issaquah is a small city that punches far above its weight. With a population of almost 40 thousand residents, Issaquah seems to be more popular with people from all around the West. It is growing year after year, and in ten years, it has grown by ten thousand people. This isn’t a small feat for a city of that size. In today’s article, we are going to explore Issaquah, why is it so popular, and how you can relocate to this magnificent city

Everybody hates numbers, but they do convey a story.

Yes, we know, numbers are boring. But numbers can tell us a lot about the place in question. By looking at Issawuah’s numbers, we can conclude that it is a city that offers many advantages.

A paper, pen, and a calculator.
Yes, numbers can be boring. But, if you want to explore Issaquah well, you should be familiar with some of them.

For starters, Issaquah’s population is rising year by year. It seems to be a popular city for people living in Washington, and even for people living outside of it. In 1990, this place had only 7-and-a-half thousand people. Twenty years later, this city has quadrupled in size.

Also, many Californians are moving to Issaquah. The reason for this is the state of California’s housing market. And sure, Issaquah isn’t the only place to which Californians move, but it certainly is one of the best places to which they can relocate.

But, if you are not going to live here for a long time, you might consider renting a place in Issaquah. The average rent in Issaquah is around $2.2 thousand.

On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget the most critical data for you. The median home value in Issaquah is around $750 thousand. However, average prices can be up to $900 thousand. With this in mind, we recommend getting a home as soon as you can, since the prices will almost certainly go up. But, you can always negotiate the price of the real estate you’re interested in.

Explore the history of Issaquah

One might think that this place has a recent history. In a sense, this is true, but not everything is so black and white.

Issaquah owes its name to the Native American name for a bird. Initially a small mining city, after incorporation, Issaquah changed its economic and industrial focus drastically. Large companies realized that there is an opportunity for a lucrative lumber business. During the Great Depression, Issaqauah’s influence slowly faded away. The town remained fairly placid through the succeeding decades, with Boeing providing most of the jobs.

Today, a lot of companies find Issaquah’s position very profitable. Companies like Microsoft, Costco, Siemens Medical Solutions’ Ultrasound Group, affect the economy of this small city positively.

Also, there a few storage facilities in the city. So, if you want to keep your possessions secure, make sure to hire a storage unit in Issaquah. Trust us, you’ll need it if you decide to move to this magnificent place.

So, what is there to explore in Issaquah?

Issaquah has an advantageous location. This city is certainly for people who love hiking and adventures in nature. Also, it is a safe place, and this makes it perfect for families with children. And you can always choose what type of property you can rent or buy.

So, what is there to explore in Issaquah? Too many places for this list. Here, we are going to mention just a few places which you can visit in Issaquah, but that doesn’t mean that other ones aren’t equally impressive.

The art scene in Issaquah

The art scene in Issaquah is really advanced. It’s worth to explore Issaquah growing art scene. The most important part of the city for the art scene is certainly the city center. You can find there a lot of museums and galleries. They truly represent the booming art scene in Issaquah.

Art pieces on a wall.
The art scene in Issaquah is going strong!

We can mention only a few places which you can visit if you are into arts, or even if you aren’t. Who knows, maybe you’re going to fall in love with the art scene in Issaquah! Here are some of the places:

  • Village Theatre – award-winning theatre that is the main hub of Issaquah’s growing but established art scene.
  • From October to December, there is a Historically Hip Artisan Markert. The city of Issaquah organizes this venue to help buyers meet with the favorite artist and their artworks.
  • Many art galleries and museums, such are Squak Art Studio, Art By Fire, and many others.

But if you want to explore Issaquah, you better love hiking!

Many people move to Issaquah just to admire the nature surrounding the city. One of the reasons they freely move to Issaquah is because there is almost no risk when investing in the real estate property of Issaquah. Also, many hikers annually travel to Issaquah for the same reason.

The Issaquah Alps are breath-taking highlands surrounding the city. The Alps are made up of several mountains, including Cougar Mountain, Squak Mountain, Tiger Mountain, Taylor Mountain, Rattlesnake Ridge, Rattlesnake Mountain, and Grand Ridge.

Explore Issaquah mountains.
The best way to explore Issaquah is to go to the surrounding mountains!

Most of those mountains are perfect for hiking, and if you are into a more extreme way of exploring nature, you can always launch from Tiger mountain with a paraglider or with a hand glider. That way, you can get a birds-eye view of the city.

The location of Issaquah

Issaquah is located just 15 miles from Seattle, which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the hectic atmosphere of a large city. And yet, you can have the best of both worlds – a peaceful atmosphere of a relatively small city, and access to one of the most important cities of the US. Many people from Issaquah travel every day to work in Seattle. That way, you can explore both Issaquah and Seattle.