Real Estate Negotiating Tips

In the world of real estate, the importance of your ability to negotiate cannot be overemphasized. Other than an art and a science, it is also a skill. More than just your creativity is your negotiation skills and strategy. This singular skill will determine how many real estate deals you end up closing at the end of the day.

If you’re looking at approaching any negotiation table, familiarize yourself with the below tips.


Studies have shown that most people love to hear themselves talk. This can be seen in the popularity of the word “I” in English or any other language you can think of. As much as communication is important in any negotiation, it is imperative that it takes the form of asking probing questions, followed by listening. It is in listening that the other party lets you in on what you need to know to win the deal.

Be Assertive

Successful negotiators are not afraid to ask for what they want and not take “NO” for an answer. This singular disposition plays a role in the outcome of any negotiation. However, while being assertive and taking care of your interests, you want to also maintain respect for the interests of other party.

Don’t act Desperate

A lot of times, sellers, brokers and even buyers are tempted to act like it’s their last deal. This mentality often time does not help in closing a deal. The negotiation table should not be seen or taken as a battleground. As much as there’s a place for empathy and humility, it becomes a disadvantage when it is overly displayed. Your goal should be to find a win-win situation.

Negotiate In Person

We live in a society where technology has impacted basic interactions; with channels such as texting and email to mention a few. However, there are a lot of misinterpretations that can occur during interactions via these channels. As such, they cannot be compared to face to face conversations. A face to face conversation on the other hand ensures that both parties are on the same page. Any other communication channel should only be considered in the case of busy schedules and long distanced deals.


The power of knowledge when it comes to negotiation cannot be overemphasized. To triumph in any negotiation, you need to familiarize yourself with information about the other party. This also applies to real estate. Learning or knowing more about the other party and the property itself goes a long way to help you uncover the motivation. This in turn helps you to makes smarter decisions.


The above tips and tactics will go a long way to increase your odds of success in any real estate negotiation – whether as a seller or buyer. However, if you want to avoid the stress and complications that are associated with negotiations, it makes sense to employ a company like Azrieli Property Limited. They are dedicated to making your home buying experience as seamless as possible and at the same protecting your interests.

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