A NYC view.

Everything you need to know about NYC lifestyle

Welcome to the Big Apple, the City That Never Sleeps, and the Concrete Jungle. New York has forever been on everybody’s bucket list. Some people move here searching for a better lifestyle, some move here for love, and some just want to live as movie stars do. Whatever your reason may be, you should definitely research the place you plan on moving to if you want to achieve your goals. Thus, without further ado, here is everything you should know about the NYC lifestyle.

Adjust to Living Tiny

Well, it is not a secret that everything is more expensive in New York City. That especially applies to rent. Trust us, you will probably end up living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. Thus, before you call the guys from IPS NYC Movers to relocate all your furniture and home stuff, consider downsizing. But, that is perfectly okay. You will soon realize that all true New Yorkers are doing the same. There is no need to overpack. When moving to New York, bring only what is necessary, irreplaceable, and valuable to you. 

Ditch the Car

Besides adjusting to tiny living, you will also have to adjust to living without your car. In New York City, traffic is a nightmare. Yes, traffic congestions are a way of a lifestyle here, but, that only applies to people driving their own cars or using taxis on an everyday basis. So, if you want to save a lot of time and energy, as well as gas money, consider using public transportation. The metro, especially, is highly developed and always punctual.

Times Square.
If you want to save your valuable time, ditch your car and use the subway.

Never Go Shopping at Weekends

Another very important thing you should know about living in New York is that you should, by all means, avoid any kind of shopping during the weekends. It is when all the locals and tourists crowd the city of New York. At most times, doing anything during the weekend seems like an impossible task. So, do yourself a favor and finish all your chores and buy everything you need during your weekdays. Or, learn to shop online. Leave your weekends for drinking coffee or eating at the restaurants. But, do not forget that you will have to make reservations for that too.

A lot of people on Times Square.
Besides traffic jams, in New York, you will also have to adjust to crowds of people too.

Your Local Bodega Owner Will Become Your BFF

Maybe not yet, but soon your local bodega owner will become your best friend. If you are not sure what bodegas are, let us simplify it – bodegas are small shops in New York, where you can buy all the staples you might need. You can buy meat, beer, cigarettes, detergent, or hair clips at any moment you might need them. Bodega shops work 24/7, and there are more than 10,000 of them spread all over NY. Your bodega owner will be the first one you will see in the morning and the last one to wish you a good night.

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