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Home Improvement Trends in Hong Kong

Many people who moved to Hong Kong have faced a complete lifestyle change. Everything is different there – culture, customs, language, food, people, etc. However, home trends are also another thing that differs a lot in Hong Kong. People there live fast, so, it is all about practicality and functionality. If you are reading this article, then, you too are probably one of those people who want to change the interior of the apartment they are living in and apply some home improvement ideas that are worth their while. You are in the right place. Thus, here are some really popular home improvement trends in Hong Kong that you may like.

Make Everything Eco-friendly

Hong Kong is a crowded country. Because of that, pollution is nothing uncommon here. But, in recent years, people in Hong Kong really started to pay attention and do as much as they can for the environment. They started with their homes. So, how can one make his or her home more eco-friendly? Well, there are a lot of ways! You can, for instance, buy eco-friendly furniture, use energy-saving light bulbs, get all-natural fabrics, you can even buy an eco-friendly decorative paint for your walls. Thus, think about making these changes in your new apartment before you start organizing your international relocation from London to Hong Kong, or from any other part of the world to Hong Kong. It will be easier just to move in after all the renovation is already done. 

A living room
Home trends in Hong Kong focus mostly on natural, eco-friendly and simple features.

Let There Be Light

One thing that you should know about Hong Kong is that it is an extremely expensive country. Everything from utilities to night-outs will come with a hefty price tag. Even if you have a big salary, you will also have to have some adjustments and you will also have to make some sacrifices, unfortunately. One of the biggest sacrifices will probably be the size of your apartment. Just like the rest of Hong Kong’s residents, you will probably live in a tiny apartment. However, people there have found a way to make it work. And, how? Well, they take advantage of the light. Thus, let the light in your apartment, and it will feel bigger and more aesthetically pleasing. You can do this by installing bigger windows, removing drapes and adding artificial lighting where necessary.

An office with a view
If you decide to rent/buy a home in Hong Kong, find one with big windows

Keep it Simple

Last but definitely not the least thing to keep an eye on when it comes to home improvement trends in Hong Kong is the simplicity. As previously mentioned, people here like everything that is simple and functional. Thus, every home is based on simple things that get the job done. To put it simply – no clutter, only necessities. So, before moving to Hong Kong, do not overpack, you will need to know how to save space at home there. Bring only the necessities and the things you can not live without. Most apartments come furnished, so you only need to add your personal touch. Remember not to overcrowd your rooms, make everything simple and clutter-free.

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