Factors to Consider Before Buying a Land in Nigeria

Are you looking to buy a land in Nigeria? Buying a land in Nigeria is huge and as a long term investment that it is requires some form of work. As a matter of fact, Property Buying, in Nigerian language is one of the easiest 419 people fall for. Therefore, in order to avoid being caught up in messy situations, there are a number of things you need to know and consider before paying for a land.

Your Budget

One of the foremost things to consider before making the move on buying a land is your budget. Of course you want to first of all ascertain how much money you have, which in turn guides you on your choice of land. It is not enough to just desire a land, you need make sure you have enough money to cover both the basic cost of the land as well as the expenses that come with it.

Size of the Land

Before you buy a land in Nigeria, the size of the land should be considered to ensure that it is fit and can accommodate the purpose of the land. This information can be found in the survey plan, if the land has one. This of course will require you to be familiar with the different measurements used in sizing lands in Nigeria. An alternative may be to employ the services of professionals such as a surveyor. This way, your decision is sure to be well informed.

The Location

It is only natural that the location of your desired land be seriously considered before paying for the land. To start with, the location of any land will impact on the value of the land. You won’t expect the price of a land located at Lekki to be priced same as a Land in Ikeja. As much as you want to go for a location with perceived growth, you can also consider a location with potential growth. Again, this factor is tied to the intended purpose of buying the land – whether for domestic or commercial purpose.

Available Legal Documents

Paying for a land without handling the legal documents is most likely than not, a disaster. You want to be sure that the person claiming to be the owner is really owner of the property. More than just being the owner, these documents show the seller has the right to transfer ownership of the property. Inability to provide this proof of ownership automatically raises a red flag. Such transactions should be avoided at all cost because it is sign of fraud popularly known in Nigeria as 419.  Required documents to look for are deed of conveyance, survey plan, government gazette and so on.


The above are some of the vital factors to consider before buying a land in Nigeria. To help make your land acquisition smooth and seamless, it is important to involve professionals. These experts and professionals are expected to have requisite skills, knowledge and experience in property acquisition.One of such experts to consider is Azrieli Property Limited. They go through all the hassle of getting you the property of your choice.

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