Nigerian Portable Cabins Companies in Nigeria – Good Bad and Ugly

Nigerian Portable Cabins Companies in Nigeria – Good Bad and Ugly

In Nigeria, the demand for portable cabins has grown greatly, and their uses range from office, temporary sites, transition accommodation, residential accommodation, ocean liners accommodation, and the list just goes on and on. In a country like Nigeria where her mainstay is the oil and gas producing industry, there’s always going to be a need for this kind of facility. Whether it’s new projects, maintenance or upgrade for the old ones, there are a good number of porta cabin manufacturers in Nigeria that can deliver a reliable job. While portable cabins may not be the most cost-effective form of accommodation, we cannot overemphasize their unique advantages. To this end, many portacabin manufacturers have surfaced to take advantage of this huge market.

The Good

The Nigerian manufacturing sector has been performing well in recent years. This is one country that was once termed backward when it comes to innovation, until recently, when the tides are beginning to change. Particularly with the cabin industry, Nigerian manufacturers are known to put together a sturdy and quality facility. This has made this industry grown to the point where it is able to compete with the conventional building. It comes with numerous amenities as is found in the conventional structures such as windows, doors, toilets, air conditioning, how water, electric point, just to mention a few. There’s no denying that manufacturing can be challenging in Nigeria, but there are a few of these companies that upholding to the required standard and operations, a good example is

The Bad

The bad side to this industry is that there are a large number of portable cabin manufacturers in Nigeria that have been in business and are yet to register with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria. These are the ones bringing up a tainted reputation for the industry. These firms and artisans (as the case may be) are usually involved in illegalities and produce substandard products. A lot of people have fallen victims to these set of manufacturers. Materials used in their manufacturing process are usually substandard and sourced cheap in order to make a huge profit. This can be seen as a means of defrauding and should be attended to.

The Ugly

In a country like Nigeria, the major enemy of improved manufacturing and production is in its policies. Analysts are of the opinion that the country needs a comprehensive and pragmatic policy framework on industrialization; with anything short of this, the little gains we have attracted in recent times may be reversed. Also, in making purchases, you don’t want to fall victim to companies under this category and lose your hard-earned money at the end of the day. You want to go for those who are really educated about art. They should be highly qualified, and know what is obtainable in the industry and also committed to following safety rules and standards, and customer relations as well.

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