Cold room manufacturers in Nigeria

Cold Room Manufacturers in Nigeria – Good, Bad and Ugly

It’s no doubt that refrigeration systems have become a need for every company that is into the food business. They need such a system to help prevent the decay and spoilage of their food products and to ensure that the freshness of the first day is retained for as long as possible. This has led to the proliferation of cold room construction companies in Nigeria producing these cooling systems to serve customers with cooling products in Nigeria and environs. This market is recently experiencing a great deal of competition as a lot of brands are tuning up and doing everything possible to be a top performer in the industry. The proliferation of companies into the manufacture of this facility has made it quite overwhelming to know which brand to go for.

The Good

In recent times, Nigeria had been seen to make the list of countries gradually becoming technologically advanced. This suggests that there is the hope of seeing inventions and innovations that are geared towards solving the challenges we find around, one of which is a sustainable refrigeration system. As much as we are not there yet, we can believe that someday we will. Like it is said, little drops make a mighty ocean, and also consistent practice makes for perfection. To this end, there are a lot of cold room manufacturers in Nigeria doing a great job in putting together sophisticated facilities, thus ensuring long-term durability of foods; a good example of such company is

The Bad

The manufacturing of refrigeration systems, that most require a great deal of effort and attention. As much we want to give credit to our own cold manufacturers in the country, we realize that not of them can be trusted. Manufacturing is not to be compared with manufacturing on other countries in the world. Nigeria, particularly in rural, is one country with a hard weather condition. As a result of this, the refrigeration technology employed by some manufacturers is not reliable enough to help with withstanding our harsh conditions. For instance, its power grid is usually not adequate enough to deliver reliable energy. Thus, what we need is a uniquely tailored solution befitting our local context.

The Ugly

Over the years, Nigeria has been stigmatized with manufacturing substandard products. The issue of sub standardization cannot be overemphasized in such a sector producing cold storage facilities. This puts a lot of business at risk of losses. Just like we have rogue businessmen and women, they also exist in the manufacturing sector. Apparently, a good number of manufacturers are being motivated by sheer profiteering. This is at the root of their noncompliance with industrial standards for cold room manufacturing. This has inflicted Nigeria with the scourge of substandard products and consequently, a negative reputation. This way, it is somewhat difficult and will require a great deal of effort to distinguish the quality from substandard products.

The Bottom Line

The situation with manufacturing, particularly portable cabin manufacturing in Nigeria requires taking immediate steps to arrest it and bring under control. To this end, one has to do extensive research before settling for any manufacturer. Get to find out about their history and track record. This way, you avoid falling victim to substandard cold room facilities in Nigeria.

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