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How to stage your Maryland rental?

Staging your rental is one of the most important things when you want to rent it out as fast as possible. Home staging has many benefits and you should definitely take advantage of that. Young people are usually the ones renting their homes. This is because their earnings still aren’t big enough or they have a lot of college debt. And we’d all like to live in a nice home whether it be bought or rented. Home staging does just that – makes a home look even better. And as more and more young people are moving to Maryland, we figured you might need some tips for how to stage your Maryland home.

Benefits of home staging

Home staging has plenty of benefits and we’re here to tell you a little bit more about them. The first one would be the fact that it makes a home look more expensive and put-together which makes the home go off the market much faster than it would if it weren’t staged. Home staging also tells tenants a little bit more about you and your living policy. If they see a nice home, they are most likely going to do their best to keep it looking that way. They’ll also find you more reliable because home staging shows that you care for the home you’re renting

As the real estate market in Maryland is big and the competition is tough, home staging will help you stand out in the crowd. Another benefit is that it will help you market your property more effectively to people who are out looking for home rentals. The best part about it – it can increase your rent. If the home you’re renting looks very nice, you can put a higher price on it if you would like. Nothing much, but even $50 more is always welcome.

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Staging your rental has many benefits.

1. Furnish the home nicely

We live in a day and age where finding affordable furniture is easy. You can find many beautiful furniture pieces at an affordable price. Investing in such furniture would be nothing but a good idea. Choose colors that can easily be matched with other colors. It is also important that you choose something that is practical. For example, a dark-colored sofa is much more practical than a light-colored one. A light-colored sofa is going to get dirty very quickly and any sort of damage is going to be visible. This is also something people who are looking for an apartment think about and not just landlords. Furniture gets damaged over time and tenants don’t want to be the ones paying for that damage.

Dark-colored furniture ina living room.
Choose furniture pieces that are going to last longer.

2. Add suitable accessories

It’s not enough to just have nice-looking furniture. You have to put in even more effort. You have to add certain accessories that make a home look more “homey” and livable. A plain home doesn’t have a soul and nobody want to live in such a home. So, what exactly are these accessories that we’re talking about? It can be as simple as pillows, blankets, carpets, mirrors, plants. Put pillows and blankets on sofas, armchairs, and beds. They can transform it into a whole new thing. Make sure that these accessories are more fun colored. It’s one of the interior design trends. Following some of these trends is also going to make your home more appealing so make sure you learn more about it if you really want to put in the effort. Anything that is going to make your rental look more appealing. Make sure you put decorative pieces in every room. You don’t have to over-do it, just a couple of them are going to do the trick.

Some houseplants next to the window.
Put more effort even into small details like decorative pieces around your home.

3. Replace certain things

Even though you might not notice it, there are things that make a home look bad just because they’re old. We’re talking about light switches, doorknobs, handles, keyholes. These are all very small but they aren’t unnoticeable. Putting new doorknobs, hooks, and light switches can truly make a huge difference. There are plenty of designs out there and you should make sure that they match the interior of your home. This is going to make your rental more put-together and fresh. Faucets also get damaged over time and this should also be something you replace if possible. These things won’t cost you a lot of money but they are going to be very helpful. Moving locally in Maryland should be easy and it is also very easy to find a very nice home. Doing these small things is even going to help you keep the tenants longer.

If you’re willing to invest some more money in your rental, you can replace plenty of things that you feel like are old and a bit run-down. Changing doors is a great idea as well as changing windows. If the tiles in the bathroom are in not such a good condition, consider changing them too. Doing this will help you get the most out of your rental. But if you’re just looking to stage your Maryland rental, doing this would be too much. 

4. Make sure that the home is clean and fresh

Even if you’re not having an open house, cleaning is a very important step in home staging. If you want to stage your Maryland rental the most efficient way, make sure that it is clean. This alone is going to be very helpful and it makes a huge difference when you’re taking pictures to post online. This is even more important if you are having an open house. You should also make sure that there aren’t any odors in the home except air freshener. A smelly home is not something people are searching for.

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