Buying a house in Columbus remotely will save you a lot of time. Here is all you need to know. Alt text: view of the river in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Buying a house in Columbus remotely- here’s what you should know

Some might be surprised by this practice, but the reality is that buying a property remotely is starting to be very popular. There are many reasons why someone would prefer to purchase a home from afar. Not to mention, this doesn’t apply only for buyers, but sellers as well. Of course, some things are a bit more difficult to handle and you will need to spend more time on your phone. However, the effort and invested time can be well worth it. When buying a house in Columbus there are many things that you can do to assure that the buying process goes smoothly.

Why would anyone want to buy a home remotely?

Unfortunately, at the moment, coronavirus outbreak has significantly crippled the global real estate market. Since everybody is advised to practice social distancing, visiting the potential property isn’t an option. Therefore, buying a house in Columbus should only be done remotely.

Under normal circumstances, there are many reasons why remote real estate buying and selling has become an option. Some people have disabilities and they can travel, some are pressed for time, while others have other priorities. Whatever the case may be, remote purchasing can be a great solution for many buyers. Remote purchasing of property became one of the best-known ways to purchase a home in the past decade.

a house key stuck in a door knob.
No time to go house seeing, no problem. A great real estate agent can find you exactly what you need while communicating with you remotely.

Tips for buying a house in Columbus remotely

However, it is important not to underestimate this process. It is a common practice, but that doesn’t make it less difficult. Still, our tips will help you purchase a home in Columbus without breaking a sweat. Good organization and research are key. So, buckle down and start working on your next big real estate purchase.

Buying a house in Columbus remotely will not happen without the right real estate agent

If planning to settle down here, it might be best to look for a local real estate agent. A real estate agent from Columbus will know the lay of the land and will find you the best possible options. Since you will not be present during this buying process, your real estate agent will be your go-to person for every single thing and task. That is why it is important that there are mutual trust and chemistry between the buying agent and the home buyer. You should conduct multiple interviews over the phone and video chat. This way you will feel out the potential candidates. Also, asking for references is a must. Don’t leave any stone unturned.

Ask about previous experience in operating remotely

Of course, you want your future real estate representation to be well versed and experienced. But let’s not forget this is not a process like any other. So, in addition to being experienced and being familiar with the real estate trends in Columbus, you also want your real estate agent to have experience with remote buying. If the agent doesn’t have experience under his or her belt you might want to keep the hunt going. Looking for a perfect property is hard enough on its own. Adding a cross-state communication to the mix only makes it harder.

a person holding a question mark over their face.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions. You should expect your real estate to do the same. Otherwise, it is not very likely that you will be on the same page.

Don’t forget to check your real estate agent’s availability

Keep in mind that some real estate agents work part-time. This can result in working unique and non-standard hours. This might cause a problem in your remote buying process. Since you will not grace anyone with your presence during this process, the lack of your physical presence must be covered by your real estate representative. Of course, you want them to be available as much as possible for video and phone meetings. But, you also will need them to be available for home inspections, home appraising and any other activity that makes this process a sure thing. Before committing to a real estate specialist, make sure that the availability question is clearly answered.

Be clear on what you need and want from your future home

While buying a house in Columbus, you will not be able to visit any potential properties. The looking and the seeing part of the process will be depending solely on your real estate agent. That is why it is of at most importance to share with him or her everything that you are looking to have in your new home. The more specific and clear you are on what you want, the easier it will be for your agent to hit the ground running and look for your home to be. In addition, it would be wise to make a list of priorities. Be clear on which factors are deal breakers and which are negotiable. For example, the location of your home should always take priority over interior home decoration.

 a beautiful and spacious kitchen that extends into an even larger living room.
Is a large kitchen that extends into a living room a must-have in your new Columbus home? If the answer is yes, make sure you deliver these criteria to your buying agent.

Closing of the property will also be done remotely

The E-sign act of 2000 has changed the game in many industries. The real estate industry is no exception. This act legitimized the usage of electric signatures and their official acceptance. Therefore, when closing you will get all pages of your contract from your real estate agent. In the same packet, you should receive the addendum. The attorney working on this case will need your official signature, but that is not an issue. All you needed to do is have a simple swap with hard copies with the help of FedEx. You will sign, seal and deliver back the needed paperwork. Once this is completed, your next step would be the transfer of funds.

To sum it up

Buying a house in Columbus remotely is absolutely an achievable process. Nevertheless, we cannot stress enough the significance of your real estate agent in the buying process. This is the person that will represent you during this development in every shape and form. So, when choosing this person make sure you research them from top to bottom. Use every resource you have to check them out. This is the person that will make thing happen for you, so make sure they are you extended right hand.

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