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Buying a property in Miami during COVID-19 outbreak

Entertainment, retail, tourism, etc, are just some of the industries that have been drastically impacted by the COVID-19 situation. Because of this, workers are left unemployed, restaurant and bars closed, and people completely isolated. The real estate industry is affected too, but it cannot be turned off like the rest! The show must go on, but the rules are being changed. So, if you plan on buying a property in Miami during the COVID-19 outbreak, here is what you need to know. Keep on reading.

Understand the Market

Nowadays, in order to buy a home in Miami, you will need to a lot more than just hire a real estate agent. You must understand the Miami market as well as the real estate trends in entire Florida! Unfortunately, that is not going to be easy as the real estate market and the home prices are changing every single day. And, why is that? Because the number of buyers is decreasing, that is losing their interest in buying, and many sellers are removing their homes form the market. These two things are affecting both the seller’s and the buyer’s market! Of course, the situation is not the same everywhere, so it is up to you to do a lot of research and see how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting the area you are interested in.

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If you are determined to buy a home in Miami during the COVID-19 outbreak, research the market first!

Home-Shopping Will Be Done From Home

Wherever you are, you are probably in isolation. We all are. That means staying at home and avoiding contact with others. So, how can one buy a home and move there?. Well, moving there will be easy, Miami Movers for Less can help you out. But, buying a home, as previously mentioned, comes with different rules now. Home-shopping will be done from home, that is, it will be done online. You will discuss the priorities with your agent via Skype, you will view different properties virtually, you will sign the papers online, etc. To put it simply – if you plan on buying a new home right now, you will have to do it from the comfort of your own home. 

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During the coronavirus situation, we have to take advantage of modern technology!

Open House Will Be Virtual

This may seem a bit crazy, but, for now, it is the only solution to have a contactless home purchase. So, how does a ‘virtual open house’ work? Well, it depends on the agent and the seller. Some have digital platforms that allow you to walk through the homes you like. Some agents even offer to broadcast a live tour using Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Skype and similar platforms. Of course, nothing beats the ‘live’ feel, but this too, does the trick and it is one way to help you buy a home you always wanted. Thus, if you plan on attending several open houses before you buy a property in Miami, you can still do that, but virtually.

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