Aerial view of the White House in one of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC.

Best neighborhoods in Washington DC

One of the biggest challenges when moving to another place is to find a neighborhood that will suit you the best. If you consider moving to Washington, DC, the challenge is even greater. But, in a positive way. There are many wonderful parts so choosing the best neighborhood in Washington, DC is one of the more pleasant dilemmas.

What are the best neighborhoods in Washington, DC?

Since living in a Washington, DC is definitely a good choice, here is a couple of neighborhoods that might be the best to live in.

Capitol Hill

You can easily move to any part of the city, but Capitol Hill is one of the oldest, most populated, and most popular neighborhoods. This is one of those neighborhoods with an impressive sense of community. It’s a diverse residential place, great for families, with plenty of places to visit on a regular basis. From interesting local restaurants and bars to one of the most famous Eastern Markets. In essence, even though it’s a highly urban area, there is still a lot of room to enjoy the open space and greenery.


One of the most popular parts among tourists, Downtown is historically a very rich neighborhood. Among numerous attractions, the White House and Smithsonian Museum are probably the most known. Residents can enjoy long walks throughout entire neighborhoods, choosing between a vast variety of restaurants to visit. Even though in general it’s quite occupied with tourists, it’s still one of the harmonious and safest neighborhoods in Washington, DC. A highly urbanized part of the city that provides an elegant lifestyle for many young professionals.

Adams Morgan

For those looking for “something special”, Adams Morgan offers quite a unique mixture of vintage and artistry. In general, it’s not one of the cheapest neighborhoods but it compensates with extraordinary nightlife and attractions. Moving here means you will have various restaurants, bars, and live music venues at hands reach. A place where you can hear and feel the music like in the old times. From jazz clubs to dance clubs, it’s definitely a place for people with extra energy.

People at a musical event at night.
There are numerous musical events in the neighborhood.


Shaw is a walkable neighborhood full of historic homes and world-class restaurants. From the Victorian row-houses to industrial buildings, it offers diversity in a sense of households and attractions. Here you can see independent movies, listen to the progressive type of music, or dine in one of the most incredible restaurants. A creative and at the same time urbanized neighborhood with amazing architecture.


If you are moving to the oldest neighborhood in Washington, DC, you can expect a perfect blend of classic urbanism and nature. Beautiful waterfront on the Potomac River is a great counterbalance to a wide selection of modern shops and popular restaurants. And the best part, it’s one of the most affordable neighborhoods with ease of access to Georgetown University. Perfect for young professionals and students.

Greenery between tree lines in a park in Washington, DC.
You can enjoy a long walk in nature in Georgetown.

It can be hard to choose the best neighborhoods in Washington, DC because there are just too many amazing parts of the city. Some parts are more expensive, others more family-friendly, but in general, there is something for everyone.

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