A large house that is perfect for upsizing your home in Allen.

Upsizing your home in Allen – the complete guide

Moving into a larger home seems like a great idea, especially if you are aiming at the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. North of downtown Dallas and northeast of downtown Fort Worth you will find one of the best-ranked places for living. Thanks to excellent amenities, schools, parks, and trails, Allen, TX is one of the best locations to move to. You can freely conclude that this suburban area is appealing and affordable for upsizing. This means that Allen’s residential real estate is remaining desirable among more and more people, in general. But, if you are thoughtful about upsizing your home in Allen, you should gather enough information about the entire process and possibilities.

Things to consider when upsizing your home in Allen

Living in a large home that promises comfort is an attractive possibility for many growing families that needs more space. Nonetheless, you will need to carefully consider all the elements involved in such an undertaking. Of course, having an extra bathroom, a spacious kitchen, and a charming backyard never hurts. But, there are other responsibilities and costs you need to take into account. Between original plans and deliberate choices, you should explore all the available options. After everything is carefully weighted you can finally organize the local transport of your valued belongings. With reasonably priced housing options, upsizing in Allen shouldn’t present trouble. Just make sure to follow a few instructions shown below.

Carefully go throughout your financial situation

A new better job with children on the way is good enough reason to upsize in Allen. On the other hand, you have to be sure you can support new changes. Switching from a small compact place with low expenses to a larger family-oriented place has its downsides. In essence, some of your bills may rise so you need to be aware of your real financial situation. From a different perspective, if you are coming from an expensive city area, your costs will be balanced out, if not even lower. That’s one of the main advantaged of moving to suburban parts.

With all the benefits involved, you could finally afford a place of your dream. Speaking of which, Allen is a wonderfully balanced environment that stands out. Considering we are talking about Texas, there will be no state or local personal income taxes. And, if you are moving to, Texas doesn’t have a residential real estate transfer tax. Also, don’t forget that Allan is only 15 minutes away from Dallas. Which offers plenty of perspective job opportunities at hands reach.

Dallas, TX aerial view.
Dallas offers plenty of job opportunities for residents.

Analyze your reasons in depth

To make proper and valid plans, you have to be aware of your real reasons behind upsizing. Simple wishing to live in a larger place is not good enough. You need to justify them to yourself so you can have a clear conscience and positive results in the long-term. To begin with, write all your reasons down. Then start considering all the positive and negative impacts upsizing might have on your life. From the costs of living to transportation options to an appealing environment, everything can matter. Only then, you can set clear goals and organize such a change in a more pleasant and efficient manner.

Imagine your ideal home

Imagine what you consider to be the ideal home. While counting the number of rooms don’t forget that the square footage is not the only important thing. Ask yourself what your neighborhood should look like. Do you need additional options like garage or storage options? How many children you will have? Are schools and neighbors really that good? Try to perceive if you will need some adaptation and renovation in the future. As for the housing options, consider:

  • Indoor vs outdoor space proportion
  • Number of rooms, bathrooms, and working areas
  • How many levels do you find the ideal for a house?
  • Future upgrades

All those little things and perks can affect the costs and quality of life, overall.

Custom made castle - looking large house in the suburbs.
You can customize your house to make it even more appealing.

Analyze your options

Simply put, you have three major options to consider:

  • Buying – The median value of residences in Allan is about $270,000. With a great number of new places build over the last 25 years, Allan is a quite modern-looking suburban area. A great option for those who don’t want to deal with constructing or upgrading.
  • Renovation – some homes have a big renovation potential. If you are willing to invest time and effort in customizing your living space, this is your option. Sometimes, a smaller renovation project can make wonders.
  • Constructing – when all starts are properly aligning, this might be the most complete option. Planning your dream house from scratch is something many people think about.

Find the ideal location

Without false modesty, Allen has more than a few wonderful neighborhoods, including:

  • Fall Creek
  • Belmont
  • Starcreek
  • Twin Creeks
  • Hamilton Hills
  • and more.

With this in mind, don’t be afraid to start your search from these locations. You have to begin exploring the area to get more familiar with what they have to offer. Get to know the local way of living including all the attractions and amenities. Take enough time to consider what makes a priority for you. From overall safety to education for your offspring, from medical facilities to parks like Twin Creeks Park. Each part has its own feel.

Burgers in one of the eateries in Allen.
Good eateries and other amenitites can make a neighborhood outstanding.

Inspect the property before signing a deal

Knowing everything about housing in Allen is the way to understand what you can expect. By all means, don’t place your signature on any contract before carefully inspecting the property. For example, if you are buying a house in Allen, here are a few important instructions:

  1. Get a complete home inspection
  2. Check the home warranty and insurance policies
  3. Appraise the house
  4. Consider finding a trusting real estate agent
  5. Don’t be afraid to try to negotiate the price
  6. Have a live tour and imagine how it should look with your furniture

Eventually, think about if you might want to make some changes in the future. Will it be possible to customize some parts and if it will affect the price of the property. Also, compare the predictions with alternative options in your current home.


Ultimately, if upsizing your home in Allen requires that you sell your old home, consider some temporary housing options. After everything is done, you may finally enjoy being a proud owner of a home large enough to fulfill all your needs. In truth, being a proud resident of Allen is nothing short of enjoying life as it should be enjoyed.

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