Mabwe Marketplace

Gone are the days when buying and selling has to be done in a physical location. Social selling has become the order of the day. It’s more than a buzzword and has been proven to increase company revenue by 16%. It is no doubt the norm imposed by the new age. Many of us actively use sites such as Twitter and Facebook and the rest to promote businesses – their products and services. But not every site is oriented toward the the African business world and its needs.

There are a growing number of African social networking sites specifically focused on business users and meeting their needs, and mabwe is one of the options to consider.

So if you’re a busness, brand or company in Africa looking to sell more? Well, who wouldnt? Made matketplace is the place to be.

Target Audience and Demography

Made is a private social network that wants to take on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but with focus on the African niche. It targets the African continent and anyone can be a member. The audience is predominantly African people in the Diaspora and the continental Africa and its membership is free. Any individual or business aiming for the African continent can use the platform as a gateway to every country on the continent.

In today’s society, the scenario of this conversation is the digital arena in generaland social networking in particular. What better networking platform for Africans than mabwe marketplace. Mabwe marketplace is a category of an African networking site that caters for the market place buyers and sellers. This is where buyers and sellers meet and can post whateverthey are selling to the market.

It is no doubt that the space and manner in which we relate in the universe is changing at a fast pace. This is vey true with the advent of the internet and mobile phones. It has been established that whereveryou may find yourself; you notice at least 80% of the people using their mobiles at some point. There’s more to mobile phones than just making calls orsending messages. These are the days when people they navigate on the Internet and connect on social networks.

The simply truth is that the people that are likely to buy from are there, so it iswhere your brand, business or companyneeds to be. There are over 30 social networking channels that are booming throughout Africa, and Mabwe is set to be on top of the game.

There is no getting around that social selling and networking is here to stay. These platfoms have changed the way we communicate, interact and build relationships with one another – particularly in africa . In Africa, thenumber of social media networks are steadily growing and makingan impact in the way we communicate andnetwork.With the expansion of online networking, Africancompanies shouod be found playing the social networks like mabwe marketplace to market and advertisetheir businesses.

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