Social Media Marketing Agency for Real Estate Companies

Social media marketing agency For Real Estate Companies AdHang helps real estate’s companies in  Africa mostly Nigeria to market their real estate properties and services on social media using local and international social media sites.  AdHang in marketing properties in social media for companies uses different types of social media such as social networking, online forums, and photo sharing sites, video sites, news aggregators, wikis sites and file sharing sites.

AdHang’s social media marketing is an aggressive and the full option that will achieve 2 or more the following objectives depending on what your marketing focuses are.

  1. Generate awareness of the property  across regions in any country’s state in Africa and beyond
  2. Educate intermediaries and properties buyers about the product and services in Africa
  3. Establish an estate company as an authority in the industry in Africa
  4. Remind – to maintain interest and enthusiasm for the real estate properties or services
  5. Top search engine ranking of the properties in Nigeria
  6. Coming up in search engines for at least different angles of the services you offer in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  7. Build or repair public opinion about your real estate brand
  8. Getting prospects to make inquiries
  9. Get Africans to perform interactions with your website for all you offer and many more.
  10. And getting leads , sales and many more

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. What is the starting cost for social media marketing from AdHang

The starting cost is N10, 000 (Naira)

  •  How many people will it reach with 10,000 budgets? 

With the N10, 000 Naira, you reach 10, 000 to 20, 000 people per day.

  •  Is the 10,000 naira budget per day for the ads or for boosting a post that will be organically posted on the page?

The N10, 000 Naira per day is for the ads, not boosting ad organically. In other words, AdHang will design/write the real estate social media advert and run it across places social media sites allow adverts to run targeting your specified audiences send to us.

  •  Could we get an evaluation of the property’s adverts result?

AdHang will send you live link of the advert to monitor how it is performing and people’s reactions. Also, we will send screenshot of the reach and impressions from AdHang’s account advertising admin area at the end of the contract period, or on request.

In conclusion, in Social media marketing for real estate companies,  AdHang is very advanced and has many systems, channels and methods too many to be listed here, above works and processes are just few of them. What this means that no matter your budget big or small, industry and social media advertising needs, AdHang has social media marketing solutions whether for simple or sophisticated social media promotion and marketing to achieve your objectives and goals, most especially if your company has strong competitors.

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