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Easy to care for houseplants & How they can improve your home

You certainly don’t have to be a professional plant parent in order to bring some greenery into your home. With a wider variety of houseplant species becoming available to households all over the globe, we are no longer restricted to those which grow in colder or non tropical climates. There have been countless studies over the years, proving that houseplants can be beneficial in the home. We all know that houseplants look great, but these benefits are not only about the visual impact they can have in the home. These mentioned studies have shown that houseplants can cause improvements in not only physical but also mental health. In this post we take you over the two most hard to handle plant areas of the home, the bathroom and the bedroom.

Houseplants in the Bedroom

Now you may have heard that houseplants in the bedroom is a terrible idea. This is a theory that has been circulating for years and has been a strict rule for some. However, we believe we have found what may be the root (pun intended) of this misinformation and it’s really nothing to worry about. We all know that plants produce oxygen for us to breathe which helps to improve air quality, so why wouldn’t we want this in the bedroom? Well a lesser known fact is that a lot of plants also produce carbon dioxide during the night when they are not in the process of photosynthesis. Sounds really scary, however this is not actually the case for all houseplants. Even in those that this carbon dioxide production is present, the amount produced is not actually enough to be harmful to us anyway. In conclusion, this is really no reason to avoid having houseplants in your bedroom at all.

Easy to care for houseplants for the bedroom:

  • Peace Lily – Great oxygen production capabilities, as well as the ability to break down and neutralize toxins such as benzine, formaldehyde & carbon monoxide.
  • Snake Plant – Very efficient air purification capabilities. Also able to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night time.

Houseplants in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most challenging areas to keep plants in the home. This is usually because natural light in this area of the house is commonly lacking. You may find that you have a small bathroom with little to no windows. As you would expect, most houseplants do require partial daylight exposure to thrive, however there are some fantastic houseplant options for those dark areas of the home. You may even find that some of your houseplants thrive in the bathroom due to the natural high humidity of an area with ample running water.

Easy to care for houseplants for the bathroom:

  • Air plants – Air plants have only recently been rising in popularity as homes become smaller and space for large plants becomes less and less. Air plants survive mostly from moisture and minerals in the air which makes the bathroom a fantastic place for them to thrive.
  • Asparagus Fern – The asparagus fern is undeniably visually striking and luckily for us, can easily thrive in a high humidity bathroom. However it is probably a better option for you if there is some bright sunlight available.
  • Cast-Iron Plant – This is a great option if you are looking for something that is pretty much indestructible. The Cast-Iron plant really lives up to its name, tolerating most conditions.

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