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Best rental investment opportunities in Florida

If you were thinking about investing in rental real estate in Florida, you absolutely must know what the best rental investment opportunities in Florida are. Florida is a relatively big state and it’s known for being one of the most popular moving destinations as well as a popular tourist destination. People from all over the country and even the world have been moving to Florida in large numbers for decades. This makes Florida a perfect environment for investing in rental real estate. The profit can be big and it can be fast depending on what you invest in and where you invest in. And that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss here. We’re here to tell you a bit more about what rental investment opportunities in Florida are worth and where you should make these investments.

Which type of real estate is worth investing in?

Before we get started on discussing where your rental investments should be, we are going to tell you what type of real estate is the best one to invest in nowadays. The truth is, investing in any type of real estate in Florida won’t be a decision you’ll regret making. This is because of the large numbers of people in Florida. The need for rental apartments, houses and commercial properties is huge. 

Commercial real estate

As a lot of businesses are expanding in Florida, investing in a commercial real estate would be a great idea. Having a commercial property that you can rent to business owners is the best move you could make. The money you invest is going to come back fast because of the fact that commercial properties come with a high rental price. If you own nice office space, for example, you could pay it out in just a few years. After those few years pass and you’ve paid out the property, you’ll be getting profit.

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Owning a commercial property in Florida can make you a big profit one day.

Apartments and houses

Another one of rental investment opportunities in Florida that you should consider is investing in an apartment. A lot of students move to Florida every year and they’re mostly looking to rent out apartments in the center of the city. And if you are thinking about investing in such real estate, then you should know what are the best cities to invest in these apartments.

Investing in houses in Florida is also an amazing idea. There are plenty of houses in Florida and more are being built as we speak. As a lot of young people have been moving to Florida to start their families, this would be a great idea. These young people are looking for houses to rent because buying them costs a lot and a lot of them can’t afford to purchase a house. But if you’re starting a family, you definitely need one. But this also must be thought throw well. 

Where to invest in commercial property?

Investing in commercial property requires doing a lot of research beforehand. Investing somewhere where businesses don’t seem to be expanding would definitely be a bad move. So where are businesses expanding mostly? Well, bigger cities and cities with ports in Florida are where they mostly decide to expand. Big cities are suitable because there are a lot of people and the business can grow faster. And businesses that expand to towns with ports mostly import or export some goods.

A view of Miami, one of the cities with the best rental investment opportunities in Florida.
Invest in commercial rental property in big cities such as Miami.

Having rental commercial real estate in such places is the best thing you could do. There’s a high percent chance that your property will always be taken up by a business of some sort. And if you own a business yourself, you know how much money you have to spend in order to rent out a nice office space. Buying this type of real estate is also very expensive but it is definitely going to be worth it in the end. Miami, for example, is a great location for investing in such real estate as well as Jacksonville.

Where to invest in an apartment?

If you were thinking about investing in an apartment there are a few things you should know. If you’re going to buy an apartment, buy it in the right place. Small college towns and big cities are where these investments should be made. College towns because college students always need a place to live in. Investing in an apartment in Tampa or Orlando would be a great move to make. A lot of people have been moving here into apartments because rent isn’t very high and the apartments are nice and big. This means that if you invest in an apartment in one of the bigger cities, you could also be making money fast. instamove.com is a moving company that works with young people a lot and they have noticed that plenty of young people are moving to apartments.

An apartment building.
Rental apartments are always needed.

Where to invest in a house?

Houses are one of the best rental investment opportunities in Florida that you can make. People always need and search for houses. As a lot of young people move to Florida for job opportunities and for starting their own families, they need houses. But buying a house in a big city is not something we recommend doing. Buying a rental house in a small town is also not a good idea because people who move to small towns usually purchase their homes. If you want to make a smart move, invest in a rental home that is located in a town near a big city. A town that is basically a suburb of a big city. One of these cities would be Sorrento near Orlando. What makes Sorrento different is that not a lot of people are leaving Sorrento for good and moving to bigger cities. People who move here mostly stay here. And as it’s mostly young people, they are renting their homes.


Knowing what your options are can help you choose among the best rental investment opportunities in Florida more easily. Decide what kind of real estate you want to possess and find the area which has a promising future. only this way will your investment pay off in the long run.

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