a family house in Florida

Best places to buy a family house in Florida

Florida is surely one of the most popular states when it comes to buying rental property. With the stable job market and tourism industry, it’s no wonder The Sunshine State market is in high demand. However, it’s one thing to buy rental properties along the west coast and quite another to buy a family house in Florida. Read the rest of the article for suggestions of the top places you should consider when deciding to call this state your home.


Don’t let Tampa’s rising home prices fool you – this city still has some affordable family-friendly neighborhoods. The city’s appeal is mostly due to promising economic prospects, which makes it a great place to live in. The employment rate is growing each year and it is already bigger than the U.S. average. When it comes to jobs, healthcare and social assistance are the most sought-after sectors here. We’ve mentioned the higher prices, but according to some bigger cities, the median price is still quite affordable at $233,000. With all this in mind, it’s much better to opt for Tampa when buying a family house in Florida than some other expensive alternative.

Tampa as one of the cities where people can buy a family house in Florida;
Tampa is a city with a stable economy, which is exactly what people who want to buy a family house in Florida are looking for


Another great option for family life in Florida is the city of Jacksonville. This is the largest city in The Sunshine State, and the job and population growth are currently at an all-time high. This is a place with a rich history, monthly events and numerous festivals, which are some of the reasons families flock here. But it also has tourism potential, as it has the longest shoreline in the nation. Snowbirds looking to buy a family house in Florida also settle for Jacksonville for its attractiveness. Another factor that makes this city a good investment is that it has lower taxes than most other states. With zero income tax and corporate tax of only 5.5%, buying a property here is quite a bargain.


When it comes to Orlando, it’s definitely in the first place in employment and population growth. The jobs Orlando is seeking are in the accommodation and food service sector, along with retail trade. Since you’re looking to buy a family house in Florida, your kids would surely love it to live close to Disney World. Rowena Gardens and Rose Isle are among the best neighborhoods suited for family life. With the median list price of $285,000, which is somewhat higher than the national average, you can still find a good deal. And when it comes to the moving process, leave it to the local professionals like getmovedtoday.com.

Disneyland in Orlando, Florida
Disneyland is one of the main attractions in Orlando and it’s a great family trip idea


We cannot finish an article about buying a family house in Florida without mentioning Miami. For families who are seeking more than a suburban life, The Magic City is the real deal. The only possible downside is that the real estate market of this metropolis isn’t exactly forgiving. Still, if your wallet can handle the pace of this bustling city, look no further. The average home will set you back around $366,000, but it will also have more appreciation in value. However, this is usually a very competitive market as well, which means that you’ll probably need the help of a real estate agent to assist you.

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