A young man entering a van and heading towards one of the best neighborhoods in Utah.

Hipster’s handbook on the best neighborhoods in Utah

Moving to a new state is often confusing as you need to pick a place that both suits your lifestyle, but also agrees with other factors. Utah is one of the states that combine affordability with a high-quality lifestyle and all of that overviewing beautiful nature.To make the moving process easier, let’s start with choosing the best place to live. Here’s the list of best neighborhoods in Utah, according to a hipster handbook.

Salt Lake City Downtown, Salt Lake City

Probably one of the coolest and most diverse locations in the state is surely Salt Lake Downtown. We love it because of the lively nightlife, amazing restaurants, and unique shops. It’s a place every hipster will find a great gallery and enjoy festivals and events all year round. A place to visit – Downtown Farmers Market. Reach it easily with a green bike, an eco-friendly bike-sharing service that is very popular among Salt Lake residents.

A view of Salt Lake City Downtown, one of the best neighborhoods in Utah.
Salt Lake City Downtown is favorite among hipsters.

Sugar House, Salt Lake City

Another gem of Salt Lake City, this cool neighborhood got its name a long time ago. It was a perfect place for growing sugar beets. Nowadays, the neighborhood has an eclectic scene of various residents, restaurants, shops, and other interesting spots. A place to visit – Sugar House Park, which is the place of gathering for kids, dog-walkers, friends, and families.

Old Town, Park City

Love to ski? Old Town in Park City is a place to consider. The neighborhood with unique charm, and perfect for those who are looking forgreat walkability, ski access, and lovely shops and restaurants. Living here would mean being in the center of everything, and have great access to the city’s best spots.

Capitol Hill, Salt Lake City

For those looking for a home with an extraordinary view, Capitol Hill is a place to consider when moving to Utah. It’s a perfect place for photography lovers since the locations and architecture give endless options for amazing shots. A place to visit – some of the rooftop restaurants that let you enjoy the view even more.

Moving to one of the best neighborhoods in Utah

Making another state your new home takes some proper planning and organization. Start with creating a budget and hiring reliable pros to help you relocate from any part of the state. It should be a company that specializes in long-distance relocations, so you don’t need to worry about the transport and safety of your belongings.

Utah landscape.
If though it is the state of nature and rocks, you can still find some amazing neighborhoods and urban areas in Utah.

Packing for the move

When you start packing for your relocation, it’s a great idea to declutter your old home so you bring fewer items to Utah. This will reduce your moving costs and make the unpacking process a lot faster and easier, which is the key to a stress-free move.

Organized moves cause fewer problems, and planning every step of the way will make relocation to one of the best neighborhoods in Utah simple and stress-free. Welcome to Utah!

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