6 Helpful Strategies For Selling A Home Virtually

While the population begins to return from a post COVID existence, social distancing rules and practices have become something we’re still adapting to and learning from. More people are working from home. More people accept, understand and appreciate, new protocols for selling a home. The process of selling a home was traditionally done with home tours and open houses. Now more than ever, agents and home sellers are using virtual staging as their go-to method to market a home.

The good thing is, it is possible to sell property from afar and still have great success. When you adopt a new protocol and realize you’ve invested less money, earned more, exerted less work and pulled in plenty of potential home buyers, then that may make you think… hmm.

We’ve seen a huge surge in clients post covid. The feedback from our clients is that the more informed the home buyers are, the more buyers come through the door. We do notice clients providing at least 2 angles of the living room and kitchen and master bedroom. Providing the buyer with all virtual options is successfully selling homes.

Here Are 6 Helpful Strategies For Selling A Home Virtually

  • Always Have Clean & Clear Photos

Buyers fall in love with great pictures. People are naturally attracted to beautiful imagery  Being certain you have beautiful images will give viewers & buyers a great impression of your property. Too few photos, out of focus or dark photos, can mean your listing gets totally overlooked.

  • Good Lighting

Lighting is the key to making a home look attractive and appealing. Lighting is one of the first things to assess before taking photos of your property. If possible, its good practice to work with professionals. However, if you are taking your own photos we can use image enhancement to brighten photos and even straighten weird angles. Say you shoot your property and it came out looking a little dark and skewed, you left the property and going back to reshoot is not an option. We can normally fix these photos and prep them for you, turning them into professional looking photos.

  • Consumer Trust

Think like a buyer. If you were making a big financial purchase, the more information you have builds confidence in trusting the source of the sale, right? The answer is simple. Sellers give themselves an edge by providing a well thought out showcase, more great photos, more information makes a buyer more interested and brings them in the door. Buyers have more confidence when they sense less risk.

  • Creating Comfortable Spaces

Regardless of whether your tour is an in person or virtual tour, real estate is a personal experience. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes or think with a buyer’s perspective. How will you interact with seeing what items are used to display the rooms. Using items like instruments or a home sweet home sign can significantly be useful in making a space feel more inviting. The more solid information you can provide, the better.

  • Virtual Staging & Renovation

If you are selling a home that needs a renovation, you should consider virtual renovation to show what the home would look like after a remodeling job. If you’re showing a home that is outdated or vacant you may consider using item removal and virtual staging to give the home a fresh look, attracting more viewers online is key strategy to a successful marketing campaign.

  • Presenting The Exterior

No matter what the exterior of your home looks like, you can still spice it up and present it in a more attractive way. Day to Dusk or Blue Sky service is a common easy way to add sky to your exterior photos. The process is Photoshopping blue sky or a beautiful twilight sky into your photo. It’s a great way to keep the viewer engaged and a smart low cost way to spruce up a photo to make it more inviting.


About Lotus 3D Staging

Lotus 3D Staging is a High Quality Virtual Staging Company. We add virtual furnishings to empty room photos for real estate sales presentations, renovation projects or design showcases. We digitally enhance photographs to help our clients present listing photos in the best light possible to ensure higher sale price and faster home sales. We have a team of talented experts. The goal is to help our clients successfully sell real estate properties and present their images with stylish realism. Lotus 3D Staging is based in Fairfield County CT. We service customers across the United States & the globe. We provide our clients with a warm, friendly place to visit while demonstrating tasteful designs and efficient, attentive service. We add artistry that separates us from the pack and our service is like no other.  We have progressed in our success with professionalism, integrity, honesty and pride in our workmanship. We love building relationships.